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west culture values which was based on Christianity (freedom of spech, democracy, etc.) are pretty good in my opinion, best at this moment
I think women doing very well under these values


I think it’s because we have changed, you don’t have go back longer than the 50’s when the woman stayed home with the children and their father was working for putting food on the table, i’m not sure when it changed, but i think it was in the early 70’s.


I am fascinated that you claim Democracy is a christian value. Why do you say this?

I argue that christian sects like Mormonism and the Amish counter what you are saying about the treatment of women. The restrictions of dress, education, and freedom of mobility is not limited to one religion. Both sects value the man over the woman and basically tell women they are worthless without a husband.

In this very thread I posted a story about an old Amish man who had a handful of teenage wives he was having sex with. I don’t think Christianity as practiced is a good example of “pretty good treatment” I argue women have been treated similarly regardless of religion or lack of it.


i mean, there are a million and one examples of Christian societies you could use over the last 2 millenia to demonstrate the absurdity of this statement, but i’ll use one - English Feudalism.


I have troubles finding what is the most idiotic thing on this sentence. Claiming that Christianity is in any form or way related to democracy or claiming that Christianity supports the freedom of speech? Not to mention what follows. Which I’m not even going to quote. Because you can totally become a Priestess in just about any Christian church, of course, everyone knows kappa.


Here’s what happened when the Church of England - One of the more drab, inoffensive forms of Christianity these days (apparently) - ordained their first ever Female Bishop. Protest, cuz it “wasn’t in the bible”

So there we go, a “Man of The Cloth” saying outright that women shouldn’t be allowed to be Bishops cuz it wasn’t in the bible. Kind of shoots a lot of holes in the idea that Christianity respects women, doesn’t it? Or at least that women “do pretty well” under Christianity.

I see you trying to make this about stupid brown middle eastern Muslims Vs smart white European Christians and I call the bluff.


This is a long shot, but is there an argument to be made that a President deleting his own tweets is a violation of presidential record-keeping laws? I know some Twitter users are actually suing Trump for blocking them, because he seems to use Twitter as an official channel of communication with the public. It may seem crazy but we live in strange times…

Also, the guy who won the Alabama primary seems like an utter psychopath, holy shit. Maybe they should have backed the guy Trump suggested.


Sounds like a stable, responsible father who definitely deserves custody of his children. Yep.


Or, you could look at it different, a father that loved his child so much that he lost his mind when he couldn’t have the custody.
I don’t know what made him do a thing like this though.


A reasonable person doesn’t set themselves on fire to send a message, when they still have children that might look up to them in some way. The guy sounds unstable, his sign even read like the words of a crazy person.


We humans does many strange things in desperate situations, i don’t know too much about this episode, so i can’t say if he was a mad man or not.

(@Wakanda, i think my political correctness has returned with full force again :joy:)


I get the weirdest feeling that this is far from the first batshit-crazy thing he’s done before, but who knows.


You made me curious, so i had to read more about this and it looks like you are right :smiley::

Barry Soper, political editor for Newstalk ZB, said the man was well-known to security at the Beehive, and was a regular protester.
Local resident Matt Weldon-Smith reported having seen the man protesting outside the Court of Appeal over the last two days.
‘He hasn’t been ranting or raving or anything - just silently holding a sign there,’ he said.
Mr Weldon-Smith said the man he saw was of European appearance, aged in his 50s or 60s, and carrying a sign believed to be the one left at the scene.
‘I read the sign, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to be honest. Obviously he had some sort of problem with the Family Court situation there but I couldn’t make head or tail of the sign.’

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Crazy people be crazy, very few people truly snap out of nowhere. There’s almost always a trail you can follow.


Some of the most brutal serial killers that I’ve ever heard about were caught this week when one of the two lost their cell phone, which had pictures of mutilated victims on it. They’ve been eating people for 18 years.


That’s fucking scary…cannibals really freaks me out.


Where’s 47 when you need him?


What is it with Russia and cannibalism? This isn’t the first time and the scares the h*** out of me, the Daily Mail pictures is just disturbing :grimacing:.


Daily Mail is a disturbing publication in general


Cannibals are scum, and should be kept in solitary until they die.