General News Thread 2.0


Wrongthinkers will be punished.


Has anyone been following what’s happening in Catalonia?

I know there’s some members here from the region or surrounding area - Let us know you’re safe if you read this.

The Police are supposed to keep people safe, instead they’re brutally cracking down on an attempt to organise a democratic process. Really shocking.


Yes i have read about this but i dont really care


I have to say Freedom Of Speech should protably get banned because these Trump Supporters,Neo Nazis and Fascism


What a load of rubbish…Freedom of Speech is for everyone, Nazis, Fascist, Extremest, White, Black, Gay, straight and everyone who is luck enough to live in a country embraces it. Just because you have the freedom to speak up about your views no matter how narrow minded and disturbed they are, doesn’t mean we have to listen or even care. The right to do something, inst the same as you should.

People think that by silencing views that we don’t like to hear is for the betterment of society are gravely wrong, what you end up doing is removing critical thinking and the ability to be sceptical. The fact that they are free to share their sicking views will only alienate rational people.


Outright banning free speech is the kind of thing the Nazis actually did (and would do again given the chance). Best just to de-platform them, treat them with disgust and occasionally, when warranted, use physical coercion to disrupt their attempts to hold rallies and public mneetings.

Never again


It’s like the old bad Franco times all over again when we see what the police are doing :grimacing:.


“Organize a Democratic Process” he says, but the catalonian parliament could not have possibly broke more laws trying to push for this referendum.

I would also like you or any source you follow to elaborate on “Brutally Cracking Down” because the first news report in the morning was of 31 injuries, 28 of whom were ambulatory dizzyness and nerviousism. Only 3 of actual medical concern. I wonder if at least 10% of this 700 were actually shot rubber pellets, because that was indeed an act of police agression and I would like more elaboration on how did that happen. So far it seems there is only one side to the story, of course of the side victimizing themselves no less.


Because the legion is killing people outright for speaking Catalonyan. Sure.

Don’t exagerate things. Besides, General Franco was a right wing politician, same as the organizers of this referendum AFAIK.


Isn’t the CDC the Catalan Democratic Party? Have Carles Puigdemont gone from CDC to right wing?


I thought you would be the last person on these boards to be skeptical of such a thing, to be honest.

As for a source, check the BBC article and have a look at the videos. You can see the crackdown is rather unnecessarily brutal.


Of course they are, here we have a Spain in panic and they will try to stop this election no matter what, i think this picture says it all:


I am because while I understand the radicalization my government has taken, I am also in the belief that this is not the norm. Thus I expect foreign institutions to properly work as intended.

The sad thing is that (I believe anyway) this could all have been avoided if the popular party in spain back in 2010 did not decide to question Catalonia’s state as an autonomus province. It seems both PSOE and PP can’t do their job anymore… no wonder the two new major parties.

EDIT: did a quick read about your article. I did not find specifications on the injuries, but I saw some of the victims of rubber pellet fire which I still can’t comprehend why it got to that. Can’t see the videos right now. Not at home, limited mobile data.


Technically PDeCAT is centre-right, not proper right, yet the independent support to the party seems to come from the richest areas of the province while the poor areas seem to remain unionists. I’ll have to re-read this whole mess again.


Hahaha, i don’t know much about this either :flushed:.


Meanwhile, two new attacks occured.


@Castelgard I remember you were Catalonian, and an independist leftist too right? Would you please re-explain the reasons behind this process to most of us?


I love this game. One of my most intense gaming moments.


Sorry, but look at this shit. These people are not fighting back. They just want to vote.


The independence referendum is being conducted in violation of the Spanish constitution, which Catalonians voted overwhelmingly to adopt after Franco’s death. Regardless of the outcome, the govt in Madrid will not recognise the results of the vote given they’ve got the law on their side.