General News Thread 2.0


I didn’t know Catalonians voted to accept the new constitution when Rey Juan Carlos was actually recognized as head of state. Interesting.

The rest I knew very well. But what I do not understand is the precedent to this. I mean, was this mess all done by 2010’s declarations of the popular party about reinterpreting Catalonia as an autonomus province? Like… spain has 33 “autonomus provinces” and like 2 autonomus cities right? Way too feudal IMO. But I can’t conceive why did the conservatives do that. And can’t believe either that that alone caused all of this in 7 years.


We have to see what the next will be, from what i understand 2,26 mill people voted and 90% voted for independence.
So now the Catalonian government is preparing a declaration for independence, i don’t know the prosess here, but wasn’t the Spanish police brutality even more unnecessary if this referendum was for nothing?

But this tweet from Guy Verhofstadt says it is only 40% for independence:


Automatic fire into crowds of people. That’s just straight up evil.


first chapters were amazing but then it went to pure bullshit and ruined beautiful atmosphere, that is why I will not play any David Cage game again


Yeah, i watched a video on norwegian news, filmed by a guy on the concert, the gunman used a automatic rifle and he fired a lot of bullets, 50 killed and 200 wounded says NRK :grimacing:.


Was in Vegas this time last month, thoughts go out to all those involved, cowardly act to say the least


They killed the guy too.


I know and they are hunting a woman he was with. the gunman was Stephen Paddock and he was 64 years old and they have found the woman, says the norwegian news.


The police did not kill him, he was dead when the police got into the hotel room, so he took suicide, no criminal record.
I wonder what made him do this, but i guess we will never know.


At least 58 dead and over 500 injured.

This is now officially the worst mass shooting in US history.


I think this says more than I reasonably can about the subject.


america is a violent country… there has to be a solution to end this violence.

thing is, i don’t believe univeral background checks are the solution. blacks and hispanics are more likely to be jailed than whites for doing the exact same crime, so they’re more likely to be denied guns. gun control is kind of racist.

call me a conservative, but maybe we ought have MORE guns, not less. a potential mass shooter will be more scared to kill people if everyone is armed, and even if it won’t deter the shooter, at least he will be stopped way more easily. the police can’t always arrive on time to stop the shooter, but if civilians can stop the shooter by themselves, then it means less casualties. i hate the police lmao


So US should go backwards? Towards the wild west again?

Yeah right, that will be a good solution, not, sorry but more guns will not help in my opinion.

It’s odd that people can’t see the right to own a firearm in the US is the problem here.

What!? So only white people should carry a gun in the US!? Sorry but this must be some of the worst thing i have read.
All regular citizens of US should be denied to own a gun if they don’t actively hunt or are active in a shooting club.

I couldn’t agree more :smiley:.


But don’t you think that’s what the focus should be on? I don’t believe that the norm should be “let’s all carry guns 'cause we may get shot today” as this would encourage such a paranoid society. If anything that would increase scaremongering and discrimination and make life worse for everybody.


a rare footage from the game “The Witcher” which was under development in 1997 by “Metropolis”, it was never finished and thank God for that


i did not say that. learn to read


We don’t need more flags


i don’t think so, because like i said, people are less likely to mess with each other if everyone is armed.

if we give the gov’t the power to take our guns away, it will give the gov’t more power to do what they want with us since we won’t be able to fight back. i don’t want that risk…


Most of the bigger police departments in the US now have access to military-grade vehicles and weapons, and the government has drones. If there were to really be a clash between the populace and the government no amount of firearms in the world would make much of a difference.


tell that to vietamese farmers armed with only AKs :smirk:


Vietnam was decades ago, military tech has improved so much since then. The “protection” people feel they get from the second amendment is an illusion.