General News Thread 2.0


tell that to the protestors of the oka crisis :smirk:


If US military was ordered to attack in a civil war manner against it’s own populace, I can’t imagine almost anyone following those orders.


That was a dispute where both sides were trying to avoid conflict, and it happened in Quebec. If the American military had an objective to obliterate civilians in combat, it would be like crushing insects.


now you are moving the damn goalposts


that’s not the premise of my argument


You’re talking about a hypothetical situation where the United States military would be going to war with the public, you’re not grasping how easy of a victory it would be if they threw away restraints.


no i fucking didn’t

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Then what is your argument?


if the gov’t takes away our rights/freedoms etc… not if the gov’t goes to war with us.


You’re saying that if the public doesn’t have guns, then we can’t fight the people in power. I’m saying that it doesn’t matter, because the military power would overwhelm any public opposition if it came down to “fighting back”.


So what’s this then? All white people should be denied guns? Or blacks and hispanics? Help me understand what you tried to say, instead of telling me to learn how to read.

Sorry, but i really can’t take what you are saying here serious.


good god, how many more people are gonna misunderstand what i am saying

i am saying if the public has guns, the govt will be less likely to take away their rights/freedoms.

i am saying gun control is somewhat racist because hispanics and blacks are more likely to get jailed than whites, so they would be more likely to get denied a gun license. in the following paragraph, i said maybe every citizen should be armed to prevent mass shootings.



Newsflash, they’ve already been doing this behind closed doors. Remember Snowden?


actually, i agree with that.

so if we had no guns, the gov’t will be freer to take away more of our rights.


They don’t care, they can do anything they want already. All it takes is little bits at a time, within 20 years we won’t even know what hit us. The public being armed doesn’t dissuade them.


Well, if you are thinking about me, I wasn’t really talking directly at you.


not you

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Okay , finally got it :flushed:.

But arming all in America to prevent mass shooting will without no doubt lead to more dead people, it’s bad as it is now, but this will just escalate the dead count each year.


It would barely help, too. Look at this latest shooting, the guy was unloading on people from an elevated position. It doesn’t matter if every single person on the ground was armed, it wouldn’t have done shit. With that, I’m willing to bet that most armed people would turn and run instead of fight because it would be instinctual, and tbh smarter.


don’t they train you how to deal with this situation