General News Thread 2.0


You’re talking about the guy who staged a coup in 2016 to assassinate and jail judges / political enemies / military opposition.

Rigging a vote is nothing for Erdogan at this point. He has been paving a path to become a dictator.


Can you provide a source for this? Not saying I don’t believe it, but the current situation in Turkey is not something I am well read on.


I will fully admit I don’t have proper proof of that. I guess I’m going into conspiracy theory levels here but I think the entire thing was an excuse to initiate a mass purge; it was Turkey’s Reichstag Fire. ~70,000 people have been affected by it and ~30,000+ have been arrested.

The information available isn’t good either, it’s coming from a place where the govt cant be trusted and the truth is sequestered. I am totally open to being proven wrong, I just don’t trust Erdogan’s government whatsoever.



I don’t understand it either. Why would the Turkish people vote for something and someone like that? Obviously it seems stupid and it smells like a dictatorship. But apparently 60% of the Turkish people living in Denmark voted yes and therefore favoring Erdogan. But why? I’m really interested to hear about this and need some arguments from the yes-people.

I have seen some comments from the Turkish people in debates and such and the phenomenon seems rather the same as with Trump, Brexit and the whole media skepticism rising in the world; “fake news” etc… A lot of Turkish people think that the western media is portraying Erdogan in a different (bad) light. Like Trump supporters did with Trump and so on.

I’ve learned something from the US election and Brexit and that is to try and understand what the fuck is going on instead of judging the other side just quickly. Because obviously, to me, the Turkish people should vote no (and by that distancing themself from dictatorship and a step backwards like the other countries in the Middle East). But I would really like to know why they voted the way they did. Do they think that media is corrupt, biased and portraying Erdogan wrong and falsely? And are they maybe, in some degree, right? Or are his supporters just totally ‘blind’ for every negative story so far about Erdogan?


If it is true, then i guess it is pretty sad. Turkey has been for years the only factual evidence that being an islamic nation and being also a democratic western nation is possible. With this, it all goes to shit.

I’m not surprised tho. One of the main reasons for the failure of the arab spring was that the majority of the people did not really know what democracy was like, or did not want to live under it.



I hope that guy is met with some swift bullets. I don’t like police brutality in 99% of cases, but that guy deserves some lead. I sure hope that guy is stopped soon.


Any one from Turkey here? How do you feel about the results?


That old man he shot reminds me of my grandfather. Almost uncanny. Makes me want to find and gut this asshole myself.


I don’t believe in preemptive war either, and can’t think of a time we’ve disagreed when it comes to Trump, but why would that be a problem when everyone loves Obama despite that exact kind of behavior?


When did Obama unilaterally bomb a country that we were not already at war with?

You do understand that our actions in Libya for example were precipitated by a United Nation Security Council Resolution that had no vetoes, right?


I didn’t say he did, I implied he increased the number of countries we were bombing. Bush bombed 4 in his presidency if I recall correctly, Obama around double that.


Well I certainly don’t love Obama, and certainly not his much more frequent use of drone strikes on sovereign nations far from any battlefield.

North Korea couldn’t even launch a damn missile, they’re not a threat to the USA and preemptive action against them is a really terrible idea.


I wasn’t implying you yourself were being hypocritical, it was more expressing a frustration with the attitude I’m seeing far too commonly, which is mostly people freaking out about Trump saying he’s going to do things that are usually in the same vein as what Obama actually did, and yet he is largely loved. Not that these things aren’t terrible, they absolutely are.

And as I said before, I’m not in favor of preemptive war, and I certainly don’t believe NK is currently a threat.

Though that said, I wonder what they’ll look like a generation from now, when people who have lived their entire lives in propaganda and are far more likely to believe every ounce of it will hold everything.


Holy shit. Did not see that coming.


What does it mean? General election on what?

Edit, a quick search and i know what it means :smiley:.

The next general election in the United Kingdom had been scheduled to be held on or before Thursday 7 May 2020, in line with the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011; it may be held at an earlier date in the event of a vote of no confidence or other exceptional circumstances, such as a two-thirds supermajority of parliament. On 18 April 2017 the Prime Minister Theresa May announced she will seek to hold an election on the 8 June 2017 through the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.[1] This will require a motion to be passed by the Commons, which the Prime Minister will move on 19 April[2] and which will be supported by the main opposition party, Labour.[3]

But why? Dosen’t she want to be PM anymore? And if she loose the election, can Brexit be reversed?


What I could read it’s probably a great tactic move from her because of the polls at the moment. But maybe Quinn have a better theory on this :slight_smile:


She’s doing it as a strategic move. Labour are in a weak position right now, and since the Tories have been polling well she wants to get the general election out of the way earlier than planned so that she can proceed with her harmful Brexit negotiations with the perceived backing of the public. A month or so ago, the Tories won a constituency in Stoke in a by-election, which is the first gain made by a sitting Government since the 80s. That’s obviously emboldened her to change her stance and request a snap election.

Honestly though, many people I know are already saying “we are screwed” - But I’m done rolling over. I’m not accepting this as a given - The Tories need to fucking go. If we’ve learned anything from the last 18 months, it’s that as far as politics are concerned, nothing is sacred anymore. Anything
can change in an instant - And the only thing I know for sure is that the country cannot continue down the path it is currently on. Since 2010, the Tories have generated more new debt than every Labour Government in history, combined. They’ve run the NHS into the ground, putting it from surplus pre-2010 to £2billion in deficit. They’ve imposed contracts on junior doctors, offered sweetheart deals for large corporations and pushed a harmful programme of austerity which has gutted vital public services. And perhaps worst of all, they’ve caved to UKIP pressure to hold a harmful and divisive referendum that has only succeeded in creating instability whilst offering no real benefit.

Now is not the time to be stubborn - We need to elect Jeremy Corbyn. He may not be perfect but he is a genuine left wing candidate.


I don’t know, this poll says the opposite.

I think i know why she is doing this, she is pretty sure she will be elected again and will have more support if she is re-elected.

Agree, i would vote for him if i was british :smiley:.

This is exactly what i read now in a norwegian online newspaper site :smiley:.