General News Thread 2.0


Jesus Christ. I admire your stance Quinn but I believe we are fucked. Corbyn will be dragged through the mud by the media. Many I’ve spoken to dislike Corbyn for his weak stance on Brexit / general apathy as main reasons for a lack of Labour vote. 4th September 2016, May stated she “would not call a snap general election” until 2020 - honest as always.


The moment you accept defeat is the moment it becomes inevitable. If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that no political decision is a safe one - And huge upsets can happen.

I’ve got no patience for doomsaying right now. The Tories need to go - We can sit around and whine about how their victory is “inevitable” or we can do something about it. I’m not going to roll over and accept another summer of Political disenfranchisement.


I think it’s more important to vote on a political party you agree with when it’s coming to the political aspect, instead of thinking i don’t like this person, so i vote for another party, because it will not just affect the party you like, but it will affect your personal life if the party you voted for in protest is winning.


He’s partly right though in that our billionaire owned guard dog press will do all they can to secure May’s victory. And it works - My dad for example is a lifelong labour voter but really doesn’t like Corbyn and believes myths that he is “Anti British”.

I just don’t understand why so many people see this as an automatic win for the Tories after the last 12 months. Every single poll about Trump and Brexit was wrong. Every single expert was wrong. Anything can happen.


In theory yes, but I’d like to vote for a party in germany which SURELY wont get over the 5% threshold (hurdle to avoid many tiny parties in the parliament). So if I want my vote to matter, it might make more sense to vote for a second or third choice so the big party I dislike has a smaller proportion of votes which matter at the end.


I just want to note that the polls were not “wrong” just because the more unlikely candidate won. Only polls which gave Trump exactly 0% chance were wrong. Rolling a dice and saying “with the chance of 5/6 it wont roll a six” before rolling an actual six doesn’t prove the statement to be wrong.


I agree, polls is not showing the end results, i think Theresa May takes a big risk when she want’s a new general election and maybe UK is tired of the conservatives and votes for labour instead?

If i was living in Germany, this would be my party of choice :smiley:, keywords: welfare, working class, middle class, civil rights and social democracy.

So he vote labour even he dislike Corbyn? If he do, then in my opinion, your father does the right thing, he votes labour because he like their politics and putting his dislike towards Corbyn to the side.


You remember me about myself when I became old enough to vote and thought I could trust what Wikipedia and the party’s program says. :smiley: If you want to dig deeper, the SPD betrayed the people with their “Agenda 2010”


Hahaha, i have voted here in Norway for many many years :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
I agree i didn’t know this and i know very little about the political situation in Germany, but their political program suits me :flushed:.


I would say the same, but as long we dont have Vulcans in the politics, the programs are not THAT helpful. :smiley:


One thing i have learned, many politicians says one thing and does the other, no matter the political party and countries, so i vote for the party who has the politics that i agree with, we also have to remember if a party doesn’t have the majority, they have to give and take, because not all decisions is their to make.
My english is not good enough to discuss heavy topics like this, so if i use odd words please just bear with me :joy:.


As a paying member of the Labour party it’s quite easy to guess which way I’d like this election to go. Unfortunately as of late pessimism and doubt have sowed their seeds in my mind and I’ve considered cancelling my membership due to the party’s performance over the last year. I love Corbyn’s policies but I have felt his bark is worse than his bite and his bark appears to be more of a whimper sometimes which is a disappointment. However now is the time to pull up our bootlaces and speak out for the party we know is best for Britain. We have just over a month to try and spread the good word and at least give Thatcher May a run for her money. Brexit has divided Britain more than ever and over nothing more than broken campaign promises.

By electing Labour we can at least try to make the best out of a bad situation and ensure that if we are going to leave the EU it is not going to be via up the creek without a paddle. We need a good relationship with the EU post Brexit and it’s not gonna happen without eating a bit of humble pie. We also need to ensure that we’re not afraid to take the moral high ground and criticise current and future partners and make sure that human rights are not thrown aside when the right price comes along in respect to trade deals (I’m looking at you Saudi Arabia and USA).


Let’s make June the end of May.



Good, fuck that piece of shit.


Bastard deserved worse.


Agree with @Cerb, death is not a punishment, when you are dead you are dead, sentenced to life in prison is a proper punishment, in my opinion, he got it way too easy.
I can only hope there is a heaven and hell and i can only hope Steve Stephens ends up in hell and that Robert Godwin Sr. ends up in heaven.


On the UK General Election, I’m up in Scotland and a snap general election should be interesting. The SNP will almost probably lose some seats, if purely on the fact that they have 53 of the 56 available in Scotland, but it is hard to see Labour or the Lib Dems making any significant gains, and Green are too small get any gains in the FPTP system.

If I had to guess, I think the SNP will hold on to most of their seats, but the Tories could get a few southern ones. The Scottish Tories have been very cany in making themselves the pro-unionist party in Scotland, whereas Labour has suffered badly by being too wishy washy on their stance on the union, combined with the very inadequate leader of Dugdale, and headlines of Scottish Labour being ignored by British Labour, I think in Scotland, it is going to boil down to the SNP vs Conservative.

I also think this will help gauge how much of an appetite there may be for a 2nd indepence referendum, but the SNP may get alot of voters who would rather priortise the EU over the union.


@Quinn Here’s some new information about Turkey’s election that just came out. If the EU officials are alleging these things, I don’t believe I was too far into the conspiracy theory camp after all.


“Let’s allow unstamped ballots”. Yeah, sounds legit to me.


Yeah I am not surprised. I’ve also read that the coup may have been in response to Erdogan’s upcoming purge rather than a result of it, and if Turkish citizens living abroad didn’t vote in the referendum then the No vote would have clinched it.

Anyway, why the fuck is Theresa May calling an election if she isn’t prepared to debate the issues?