General News Thread 2.0


Welp Isis AGAIN said that it was their attack…


In more pleasant news, a man has caught a rather large pike in Finland.

This is literally the most popular news on the local newspaper’s website. And this is TOP5 biggest cities in Finland. Hilarious.


They will always do that.


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Can we talk about the musical chairs Trump is doing with the Aircraft Carriers? I find it hilarious that he’s basically sending 3 Aircraft Carriers outside NK. It’s like saying “Look at our implemented nuclear power” :joy:


Free Speech lovers - You just found your biggest enemy. The Trump administration is preparing to become the first administration in the history of the United States to bring criminal charges against a publisher for publishing truthful information. You can run around talking about how “social justice warriors” oppose free speech because they protest Nazis speaking at Universities, but this just proves that the people with the real power are the ones you should worry about.


For a second I was questioning my memory when I probably shouldn’t when it comes to Trump lol.


White supremacists see themselves as patriots, as defenders of the pure and the white from the scum that is invading white lands. They see themselves as noble, and they believe they’re fighting for all white people.

But are they? Or are they just racist pieces of trash?


@Supernova It’s getting worse I see :confused:


On the bright side, they caught the person behind the attack on the BVB bus. Not a terrorist, but someone who was willing to murder a bunch of people to profit from the invetiable drop of the share price.


Yeah, I read about that. What a twat - Faking a terrorist attack so he can profit from it.


Always. Losing hope each day.


Look after yourself man


My family doesn’t want me to go to college because they fear the national guard may imprison and torture me as a scapegoat (i have the right age, live in the right place, study on the right places and dress the right way) or they kill me on a protest. And technically I can’t go either way because the subways are closed so long as protests exist and the major highways are blocked off because of the manifestants themselves, so no bus and no trains means I’m stuck at home.


Does the government hate scholars or something? Why would they disapprove of future generations learning? Or is it something to do with the course your learning? I can see why you’re family care, but it a damn shame that you can’t future yourself at the moment. You shouldn’t change yourself to accommodate others man either, be you. All I can say positive is that you can go to higher education at different ages so one day you can learn more but still you should be able to now.

I’m sorry this has affected you that badly and probably many others too. Would international education be an option?


1- many government officials do hate scholars because they are in full understanding that in order to keep a communism running you have to have an ignorant people. They do have public universities and schools, however one person graduated from one of those would be at an incomparably lower degree of preparation and higher degree of adoctrination than those on a private institution.

2- most protestors are young students. So if i’m a young student, they may capture me and accuse me of whatever because they need someone too blame. It has been known to happen very oftenly that innocent people get imprisoned, tortured and trialed for crimes they did not commit until they confess shit that never happened so that the govenment may have something to accuse the leaders of the opposition with. Not that they need it tho, this is a dictatorship.

3- you are completelly right by global standards but entirely delusional on venezuelan standards as to “be you”. I can’t be me here. If you don’t look poor you’re an oligarch. If you carry a big phone or a watch you’re a target. If you carry a backpack you’re a manifestant and maybe a terrorist. If you drive a bike you’re a criminal. That’s just how it is.

4- yes, I’m seriously considering on leaving this country. There is no future for me here, there is not even a present right now. As I have stated before i’m not living, i’m merely surviving. As to wether or not will I be able to study on another country that we’ll see. Immigration could easyer for me than for most, but we’ll see.


1 - Ah I see. So they’re corrupt and desperate to keep it that way, hoping people of their country that they are meant to look after, are too dumb to realise the reality of the situation. Why do they think their are so many riots. Honestly I’m surprised there hasn’t been a coup.

2 - That’s truly disgusting, it really sounds you’re in a second North Korea at the moment. Mad respect for the protesters who still fight for the right thing despite the possible imprisonment.

3 - Wow. I don’t know what to say man. It sounds like a law regime on assumptions and descriptions of people. “If you look and have this then this must apply to you…”. No wonder people are fighting back.

4 - You should definitely think about it man, your reasons are acceptable to claim asylum for you and your family. And you clearly can speak English so it will be easier for you. You deserve a fair and brighter future man.


Well there was a coup only four years after this shithole started in 98.

After that, Chávez took measures to ensure that it would not happen again. To name a few, establish gun control while simultaneously arming his fanatics. Spoil the militar authorities so that they do not support the civilian rights, but the process of revolution. Create an idealistic war so that the poor think that the rich have caused all of their miseries, control of the media… etc etc etc etc.



Don’t know much about Marine Le Pen or French politics in general, but I see a lot of Trump comparisons.

Only thing I know about her is that she wants France to leave the European Union.


@Jarbinger @Watson Kim Jong Un hates you :wink: