General News Thread 2.0


Sounds like defensive people who read everything as an attack on their personal ideas


If it was just these two quotes tweeted out of context then I believe I’d side with the Trump supporter interpretation of it all, but considering NPR quoted out the entire Declaration of Independence (and this is apparently a tradition for them to do on the 4th of July) they’ve got nothing.

I suppose the fire could be stoked by people re-tweeting only these parts and others not looking up the bigger picture before reacting.


Not all heroes wear capes, some wear piss drenched flags


but still even reading snippets of the document that is the basis of the country they claim to love so much shouldn’t be read even by accident as an attack on the current administration. Very telling

That’s like a christian being shown a tweet of a bible verse and then start going on about how this proves that Islam is evil.

I mean, I guess-but burning it would have been just as effective. I dunno seems like a extra stunt for the shake of being extra-and not for any real meaning. Shock Value-I’m over it.


Eh. Disagreed. We all know there are people that hate Trump a lot. Parts of the DoI are about getting rid of a leader you dont want. If only those parts were posted, that would matter. Context matters.

That’s not what happened though.


Well it is rather telling that people see a sentence from the DoI about removing a Tyrant and they’re automatically on the defensive. That’s because they know exactly what he is.

Anyway, his speech in Poland today was a load of nationalist garbage.




Things are getting nasty.


To no one’s surprise. Same thing happens at almost every G20.


They should just use Skype



I am upset that I missed the one in Pittsburgh it was #G20solit


Hahaha, thanks @Quinn for posting norwegian news, it is a tourist attraction here in Norway and some time ago someone destroyed it, so people did some crownfounding and a company took the job to fix it again.
Before it was destroyed it was some rock formation discussion here in Norway, between two (i think) municipality, about who was the biggest (no pun intended) tourist attraction (if i don’t remember wrong) and suddenly the troll penis rock formation was destroyed. Maybe it was destroyed for ending the discussion or just plain vandalism.


I know a bit about Norway and its “Trolls” thanks to that movie called The Troll Hunter :smiley:


Leopoldo has beem released from jail with the condition of continuing his sentence under house arrest… interesting. At this point in time, freeing the most supported presidential candidate is suicidal for the govenrment. I need to know why they did this. And most importantly, we need to know how much was he tortured during these years.


What a weird idea of success


I will definitely agree that the death threats to her are a bit too far. But really? “Pissing” on the flag? Come on…

Whether you’re a believer or not, or whether you agree with what the flag stands for or not… have some respect. What she did is just distasteful. But again, I will agree with her getting death threats from her stupid (yet not illegal) act, is a bit much…


I thought it stood for the freedom to piss on the flag if you want to?


Well technically yeah… “Freedom” but come on…
Common sense should come into play too.

For example;
Say you’re an atheist and you go to someone’s house on thanksgiving who is a believer.

When they go to say grace, would you stand up shouting F*** Jesus??? of course it’s not illegal to do so, and you do have the freedom to do it, but you know… common sense / respect :wink: