General News Thread 2.0


Your comparison doesn’t really make any sense. It’s not anyone’s else house. It’s her flag. She can do whatever she wants with it.


With all due respect, I think it makes perfect sense. Sure, it’s not their house, just like it ain’t anyone else’s flag but her own. She bought it I assume, but still…

It’s not a matter of who’s house, or who’s flag, freedom of speech / expression, etc. it’s a matter of having respect and common sense.

Just because something isn’t illegal, doesn’t make it right. Just saying…

Her taking a “piss” on the flag just shows what kind of person she is. Although like I said before, and I still stand by it, (even though she did something very stupid imo) people threatening to murder her and harm her family because of that “stupid” choice is a little much for what she did.

I mean, I see why some may be angry with what she did, but making murder threats is going too far.


Also, what the hell does thanksgiving have to do with Jesus?


He just meant saying grace in general, I think. It’s not necessarily a christian holiday, but it celebrates a meal between christian pilgrims and native americans.


I see. The native Americans help the Pilgrims survive winter and they thank God. Sounds about right :joy:


Always a good time to share this.


Ah yes, always entertaining to watch someone make fun of people who gave their lives. Classy Bill.


He’s making fun of hysterical reactions to flag burning - Not people who “give their lives” (Though there’s a whole lot to say about that subject too).


I see both happening simultaneously. But that’s just me.

Edit: But I’ll concede that I’m probably a bit more sensitive to it than many due to both family and friendship connections to the military. And not all of them came home the same as they left.


Many of my family and friends are/were too. Uncle was an Officer, paternal Grandfather was in the Navy and became a POW for 5 years during WW2, and maternal Grandfather was in the Royal Air Force. A friend of mine is a Paratrooper and another friend is US General Infantry.

In many cases they aren’t looked after when they return. The way our respective Governments treat veterans leaves a lot to be desired.


I have to agree with @AGENT4T7, peeing or do other nasty stuff to a flag is disrespectful, for me if you pee on a flag, you not only pee on the goverment but all the citizens in that country, if you want to make a statement about a country politics or whatnot, peeing or do other nasty stuff to the flag is not the right way.


The issue of flag desecration in the USA is settled. It’s constitutionally
protected under the first amendment. It may be a shock tactic designed to
tug on people’s emotions, but I have no idea why it even winds people up so
much. Maybe its because I have zero nationalist tendencies in my body,
but the idea of someone being offended by a piece of cloth being defaced is
just baffling. Oversensitivity at its finest.

It’s a little more extreme than refusing to stand during the pledge of
allegiance or refusing to sing the national anthem, but the purpose is the
same. Easy way to make a statement with little effort.


First, a flag is more than just a cloth, second, i love my country, native/minority citizens and the nature therefore the flag is almost sacred to me and that’s where my nationalism ends, i don’t understand why someone would do something like that if they just have a problem with the goverment, the government is not everything in a country. I don’t like everything the government is doing here in Norway, but i would never do something against the norwegian flag, the norwegian flag represents all citizens and the country as a country, not just the government.
I can understand it with nazi flags etc, but i don’t understand doing things like that against flags for any countries.


Exactly. It’s not about getting uptight over “a piece of cloth” it’s about getting uptight when people disrespect what that piece of cloth represents. As I said before, just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t make it right. Show respect people. Have some class.

So if someone takes a piss on a “BLM Flag” would that mean they aren’t racist? Because you know… they would have the “freedom” to do it.


Flags don’t represent people, though - They represent countries, and in
fact they represent the Government and the Establishment far more than
they represent you or me as individuals. Burning a flag is absolutely not
an attack on all citizens of that country, its a personal expression of
dissent. For whatever reason that may be.

Patriotism makes people irrational imo


Well that is your opinion. But tell that to a Marine whose friend fought and died for your freedom.


Sure, point me in the right direction and I will.


In my opinion it is, if you don’t like a leader in any country, it would be better to burn or pee on a picture of that leader rather than destroy the country flag.


Haha, wow, dude… smh.


What? If someone “died for my freedom” to say that Patriotism makes people irrational, then why is there a problem with me using that freedom?