General News Thread 2.0



Nah, it’s pretty objective actually.

Thinking a flag automatically deserves respect is nothing more than blind patriotism. And blind patriotism never ends well.


That is not what your last post was about and you know it.


It was exactly about it, actually.

Funny that “the flag deserves respect” seems like a objective thing to many of you, further proving my point about blind patriotism.


no no no. We were talking about this.


It is indeed a shitty country that has done plenty of shitty things to the world. What about it?


Just curious what is your idea of a non shitty country?

Just wanna know your basic scale of shitty to non shitty


If he is logically consistent, one does not exist.


That’s a subjective point of view.


“Blind respect” are you serious right now??

Look, I’m not saying America is perfect dude, because it certainly isn’t. But please tell me… What country is??

The fact of the matter is. There is just some shit you shouldn’t do, whether you have the “freedom” to do so or not. I am well aware the flag (any flag) is just “a piece of cloth” I’m not saying respect “cloth” I’m saying you should respect what it represent.

Just show respect, damn, its common curtesy. And it’s funny, the people who are saying it’s just a piece of cloth, I guarantee if it were a “gay” flag somebody burned or pissed on etc… you’d be calling them homophobic… Why? It’s just cloth :roll_eyes: Double standard, much? Or better yet, if Donald Trump did it haha boy… LOOK OUT!!


It represents the right to burn the flag if you want to.


Trump thinks people should have their citizenship revoked for flag burning and go to jail for a year.


Haha fine, but again, is it the LAW right now?

And okay, fine… it’s your “freedom” to burn the flag (if you really are that big of a jackass to do so)

So… if I were to burn a “gay” or “BLM” flag… would you call me homophobic or racist? Because honestly, I think you may…



Why would you respect it when it hasn’t earned the respect to begin with.

Stop fantasizinhg and putting imaginary values on a piece of cloth that has failed to represent what you think it represents for fucking ages.


No…that is a legitimate question man…
What, cat got your tongue because you know I’m right??


Nah, your comparison is pretty terrible and it makes no sense whatsoever. Patriotism really blinds people, as I said.

But sure, continue to pretend that having criticisms about a flawed country is the same as being homophobic. That makes complete sense.


But… but… it’s only cloth, man…

And I’m not blind with anything dude. I just know how to act my age and put my big boy pants on.

Like I said just because it ain’t illegal doesn’t mean you should do it. That’s my point.


How many drones strikes, war crimes and slavery were made under the LGBT flag? I’m waiting.


Oh I see where you are going with this.

Is it time to weigh the sins of each nation. I hope you have a large scale.