General News Thread 2.0


Oh I see where you are going with this.

Is it time to weigh the sins of each nation. I hope you have a large scale.


Hence why blind patriotism is always bad. You know, like I already said?


And I’m not blind with anything dude. I just know how to act my age and put my big boy pants on.

Children are taught to glorify and worship the flag from very young. You ain’t putting no big boy pants anywhere, they aren’t even your size.



Look the point is… a level headed person would have enough sense to NOT desecrate the flag.

I have the freedom to drive by a funeral and yell “Ha!! You lost somebody you love! Hahaha!” But would I actually do something that stupid… absolutely not!!!

Common sense dude. Get some


If you had any common sense you would know your country isn’t perfect and it never was, and people are free to protest against the shit your country still does. You continue to worship it as a immutable force. You are blind by patriotism.

A flag isn’t a body at a funeral. Get some goddamn sense and make a actual valid comparison for once.


Ummmm… did I not just ADMIT that above??? Lmao read my posts man.

I’m making perfect sense dude, you’re just spewing BS because you have no logical argument with what I have reasonably said. Your problem, not mine.


lol ppl so damn sensitive over a flag


You haven’t admitted shit, you still think your flag is a magical sacred artifact that should never be desecrated.

Also lmao at your poor attempt of “winning” the argument. You really seem to have none and now you are desperate , it’s interesting.


I can honestly say the same about you… you get sooo uptight about a president that ain’t even yours. As well with a lot of other topics you feel so strongly about…


Might be because that president is fucking the whole world, not just the US. Amazing, I know.


One’s an actual person who is proving to be an evil scumbag, the other’s a cloth.


Already won, man…


IMO desecrating a flag in any way is to make a very strong statement. How is it blind patriotism to show respect for a national symbol? Symbols physically represent something non-physical and to respect the symbol is to show respect for the non-physical thing, be it an idea or set of values. I would take offense if someone burnt the flag of my country irrespective of the bad things we have done. Why do you think Iraqi soldiers hold the ISIS flag upside down? Stop being so ignorant and telling people to get over “a piece of cloth”. If that were truly the case people wouldn’t burn flags in the first place.



Won at being illogical, I guess.

Still waiting for your list of war crimes committed under the LGBT flag. I thought you were supposed to make “perfect sense”?


As much as I would like to publicly support your claims, for I too am very nationalist and understand your point, as well as Fantum’s, I find it… annoying that you get so triggered about piblic offenses to your flag while on the other hand… “omg that guy threw a rock to a truck.”

I can not back Quinn on this. But I totally question your morality.


Lmfao dude, I don’t have to make a damn list. I already admitted America isn’t perfect, so I don’t know what YOU’RE trying to prove with that nonsense, I’m talking about the “cloth”


Very true

He is looking to deny that flags aren’t symbols that represent very real people, places and ideas
instead he is looking to make it just about an object. As if he wouldn’t be waving a white flag around if he were stuck in a war zone


You can respect it all you want. Blind patriotism is telling people everyone should respect it no matter the issues they may have with it.