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Yeah… because why wouldn’t people have a problem with “Liberty” and “Justice” for all? :roll_eyes:


Stop dismissing the flag as a ‘piece of cloth’. Pissing on an American flag or burning is a show of dislike and disrespect towards America as a whole. I’m not America’s biggest fan but dismissing it as ‘just a piece of cloth’ is a flawed and silly argument.

Edit: I think I basically just said the same thing as @The5secondrule



fixed that for ya


For one the US has failed to actually uphold that?

Like do you think people wouldn’t have issues with the ISIS Flag if they randomly added "Freedom " in the middle of it? Lmao


That’s just not true. Don’t defend America as a saint, it’s done plenty wrong, and it certainly doesn’t give Justice to everyone. I don’t agree with Quinn or Bernardo but this is blind patriotism.


Someone’s gonna get banned soon tbh.


Calling anyone childish while throwing a tantrum when someone else doesn’t agree with you and getting called out on his faulty arguments? That’s quite precious.

Seems to me that the only thing you think counts as “civilized” discussion is everyone patting you in the back and saying you’re right.


No, I made it perfectly clear that I’m aware America is far from perfect. You’d see that if you actually read my posts… So, me? Blind patriotism? If you say so. I call it having respect. I’m not saying one has to kneel down and kiss or even worship the flag, but really? Burning it? Taking a piss on it? Etc… grow up. What’s that even proving besides you’re an ass?

Just wanted to say that one last thing. I don’t need a pat on the back for having an opinion, you can wipe your ass with the flag for all I care. So if you will excuse me.


Btw, here’s list of what @AGENT4T7 considers "civilized discussion

“Get fuckin bent”
(Insert dumb USA USA USA gif here?
“You’re just spewing nonsense”
“Common sense dude, get some”
“I just know how to act my age and put my big boy pants on.” Oh look calling people that disagree with you children once again.
'What, cat got your tongue because you know I’m right??"

Where did you get your debate lessons from, Trump? Is this how you think an adult has a “civilized discussion”?

I, at worst, called you blinded by patriotism. Yet I’m the one that can’t handle “civilized discussion”?


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Hahaha dude don’t even man… just don’t… I am probably one of the nicest, politest on this forum and everyone knows it.

Scroll up, why did I lash out like that? Hmm.
Maybe because some of you twist my words around completely OR failure to answer a question that’s directed towards you while trying to be a smartass to me in the process??

Oh… a Trump reference to me cause I’m from USA clever…


It’s a Trump reference because your debate skills seem to come right from him, seemingly attacking and calling people children and tell them to “get bent” is all you can do. If you’re so polite why have you avoided being so since the very beggining of our conversation?


Well that is just simply not true. I’ve made good points (just not good points in you and Quinn’s eyes) but points nonetheless and still waiting myself for replies to some of my questions towards the both of you… not just “bait”

I’m just trying to make a point… simply… have respect. That’s it. You don’t have to agree with the flag or anything of that nature, if you so choose. But there is just things you should not do… how can you honestly argue with that?


Huh? I was mentioned. Is this still going on? Since my return I’ve avoided this thread for the sole reason of bias that led to my suspension. I called silence card lol.

EDIT: I see it was a mistake NP :stuck_out_tongue:

A heads up, I will barely respond in this thread since people can’t converse properly and looks like nothing has changed haha.


Specify why did you decide to put this in inverted commas…


I’ve refuted your points and told your comparisons didn’t make much sense. Instead of a rebuttal, you just started throwing “children” around. Not very civilized.

Respect? Respect is earned, not something that is magically embedded into something. Not everyone has to respect the flag.
It’s also quite the ironic point, when you don’t seem to have respect for your fellow men when they disagree with you.


Because I had the freedom to do so I suppose…
Honestly, what does that even have to do with anything I just said


The fact that I question your morality. I know you read that.

While I may support your claims to defend any kind of symbol representing a group of people, call it a flag, call it a cross, I do believe you understand. And I think you understood what I ment as well. Funny that you defend the symbols of a group of people but you also… think like you think on the matters we discussed the last time we spoke.