General News Thread 2.0


I have no issues with people disagreeing with me actually…

And what? About the guy who threw a rock? Yeah…
He shouldn’t have, just like the guy in the truck shouldn’t have sprayed him. What’s your point? I’m not even talking about that, that’s not the discussion why bring it up?

And yea (my opinion) people should show respect all around. Not just to a flag or cross etc. just in general. That was my basic point I been trying to make this whole time


“People should show respect all around”

*proceeds to call people children several times in several posts and tells people to “get fuckin bent”


Yes and if you look I deleted the post (okay, that was out of line) it’s just because I was getting frustrated with people twisting my words around.


Bustin makes me feel good



I consider myself a patriot. I don’t think I’m a blind patriot. I know my country’s history. I know the sins of the past as well as those of today. I am not a fan of our current president. My country is not perfect. But I love my country. Both for what it is and ESPECIALLY for what it strives to be. Our historical documents do not speak to how things actually are but rather for what we want it to be. We are a country of over 300 million people. Not everyone will be on the same page with respect to ideals and morals. But overall, this is an amazing place to live and and the majority of people here stand for good. I have a strong Native American ancestry that I am very proud of and while I may detest our government’s history, I am able to distinguish between pride in my government and pride in my country. For me, the flag represents our country as a whole, not simply the actions of the relative few who govern it.


Well put @FantumX :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Burn my flag, and you are not disrespecting only the things you are angry about. You are disrespecting and dismissing all of the good of our land. Be angry about an injustice but find the proper way to display your anger.


On another note, this is very cool…

Clint Eastwood has set non-actors Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone to play themselves in “The 15:17 to Paris” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow.

The true story tale follows the three Americans who stopped a terrorist on a train bound for Paris.

Full article here:


Yup. And it’ll be biased :smirk:

A true person who loves their country but also willing to admit their faults too. Typically it’ll be the government who cause these bad reputations as well not the general public. A flag holds symbol of the country and it’s people. A representation.
It’s just rude and insulting to a country who’s flag you desecrate. It’s also common sense to know right from wrong and how disrespectful it is to do that, no different to racism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are though and there’s nothing wrong in pointing out flaws and freedoms of the country you care about.

I see a lot of people here who think in a “yes or no, left or right” without moderation or a bit of both and most importantly, common sense and courtesy. They seem to believe that you can only be one way and think exactly one way and if you have different opinions, even though you agree with many similar points, you’re classed as opposition in their eyes. Daft I say.


One thing I’d add quickly is that it’s bad enough desecrating a flag, from a random idiot. But when your own country bans its own flag like we did with the George Cross because “racist” and “offence”, yet allow ISIS and Hezbollah flags to be flown in the English country. You know you done fucked up.


“the school kept ‘offensive’ books in the library which advocated wife beating and forced sex”

But yet girls and boys aren’t allowed to chill together at break time :roll_eyes:


Then it’s a good thing that literally never happened ever.




Yep. The latter one happened in my city. Glad the officer is facing action.


Denial? Here you go.

And we saw the documentaries from Channel 4 (which contained one of the London terrorists) openly allowed to publicly display ISIS flags. And how Sadiq “Can’t”, allowed Al Qud’s March, containing Hezbollah flag openly and publicly. Classic case of double standards.

A personal case - I have a neighbour across from me and I can see into his garden. He has (had) a flag of George Cross for as long as I can remember. One day police came and there was a huge argument outside. Later on, he got told he was allowed to replace it with the Union Jack, as support for the country, so he did but was ultimately angry rightly so.

EDIT: there’s just a flag pole now.

You know (and everyone here) that I’d be more than happy to discuss many topics with you but if the end result means a biased suspension, then it’s definitely not worth it. Especially when one party’s behaviour clearly violated TOS here with verbal swearing and abuse (even though apologised later on, which is fine) but they don’t get banned because they are in bed with the admin & I was suspended before I got to see that. So clearly double standards are going on. Many have noticed and I was added to the list. So as much as I’d love to stay and chat, this thread is nothing but bad news (no pun intended) for me.


It’s pretty funny how you can’t provide a single source for your claim that the St Georges Cross has been banned in the UK, so ask me to use Google - And google pretty much exposes your lies right off the bat. Lol. Thanks google! Let’s take a look at the top 3 results that come when searching for “George Cross Banned”:

  • An article from the Express (a right wing tabloid that uses the George Cross and a Crusader as its logo, conveniently) about how police officers decided to take no action against a man who allegedly had an IS flag in public.
  • An article from The Daily Star (a weird tabloid known for its silly headlines and once claimed the UK’s fattest woman died after eating a fridge) talking about the exact same thing - Seemingly sourcing The Express.
  • A BBC news article dated from 2006 about how a ban on national flags is to be lifted (the best one, because it shits all over your argument).

Also a whole bunch of lying rags such as Breitbart, Rebel Media, saying that “The George Cross is Banned because it offends Muslims” and providing zero evidence for it. Because it isn’t banned. And that’s a nice little anecdote there, but it’s nothing more than that - an anecdote. You could be making it up for all I know.

The simple truth of the matter is that the George Cross is not banned in England and you’re objectively wrong. I’m kind of glad you aren’t replying to be honest because arguing with you is like ramming your head into a brick wall.


… homie… like… isn’t… that… the English flag?

How the fuck could a country ban it’s own flag? Mine tried to “reduce it’s use” and even the government itself pissed on that law lol.

BTW, just want to make it clear that I am quoting you and not JJ because even tho he is the person defending this argument he did not want to keep posting.


lol good


The United States doesn’t take care of it’s soilders like it should.

All that ra-ra- for the flag is lip service if you sending these people over for 8 tours tearing up their minds and have no services, limited services, back logged services to get this people the physical and mental care they need.

They saying these guy loves Isis cause the stress of war? IF that is the case then it is a failure on the part of the military.