General News Thread 2.0


Not really a breaking news story, but this is a very good interview. Would recommend watching.


fucking lol


I remember that guy-he had some of the most ignorant ways of defending his points.

I remember his line about how he doesn’t hate black people because he has oral sex with black guys.

Guess the shine of his tokenism wore off. I saw him as a sort of vehicle that vile rhetoric was pushed through with the hope of staving off criticism by mentioning his sexuality.


Today is a national festival day in France. Because of this Macron decided to invite Donald Trump to go hang out with him
This handshake is hilarious.


The difference is quite obvious, no? Here it’s the government that’s ordering it.

@ the americans in this forum. Is there a lot of media coverage about the anti net neutrality act?


You said the social media owners would act as a legal institution. And they wouldn’t.
And they can feel free to cease operations in Germany if they aren’t ok with the law. A law, that once again, has been the law for quite a while.


cringe. He almost took the french boy off his feet.

I say boy cause Donnie calls men that age boy and kid


Yes they would. They need to interpret the law and see if a comment is ‘illegal’ or not.


Oh please, bunch of those laws are silent in practice.

Guess we’ll have to see what the EU court decides.


He’s trying to get revenge for last time


The problems arise when, with threats of multi million dollar fines for not removing certain content fast enough, Facebook’s overworked moderators start to make questionable decisions. It’s such a big entity now that they weild an uncomfortable amount of power whether we like to admit it or not.


This law has never been silent, like, ever. Like this is literally so it’s correctly applied on a social media space.


What’s ‘this law’?

I’m talking about the the laws mentioned in the bill. The laws which facebook employees will need to interpret (i.e. insult, insulting a religion or world view, etc.).
Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing.


This acid attack stuff is scary. It seemed to be used as a form of revenge attacks for a time, but it looks to be becoming more frequent. Why would you permanently disfigure someone with acid to steal their moped?


Waking up at my mom’s just a stone throw away from old town and downtown, which has been socialist territory since pretty much forever, and hearing opposition chants of the voters nonstop all over is pretty much the first thing that has gave me any hope in months.


What worries me a bit more than just throwing around acid on people is that they might start making acid bombs. Quite uncommon but pretty possible. Hiding those in a place where people gather commonly is a scary thing.


That’s the kind of thing that deserves “eye for an eye” punishment. Anything less just doesn’t seem like justice.

Is that “unofficial vote” today? In any case, hang on to that hope bud.


Since I do not recognize the government as legitimate anymore, not to mention that their “official voting” is anticonstitutional and ours is not; I find that statement debateable.

Yes it is. Just voted with my mom.


Sorry, meant no offense or to trivialize it. That’s just how I’ve seen it referred to in my limited reading. Guess I just assumed that’s how it was referred to and thought of by everyone. Sorry.


Half of us call it a constitutional popular consulting… that is, the half that is scared of admitting that no mattet what the hell the government says this is a proper plebiscite called by the only legitimate power (the congress) that remains uncorrupted.

The media has been censored from speaking or covering it at all anyway, so not surprised the information you receive is one-sided.


This is an interesting statement. You should watch the "White Bear’ episode from the series ‘Black Mirror’. It is a very thought provoking episode about this subject.