General News Thread 2.0


BTW, thought you guys might want to see a small bit of reason as to why I don’t like cops… and why they totally deserve to be thrown rocks at (and much worse. The ones in my country who volunteer for the following anyway).


they scared for their lives or they ain’t got to lie like that?

The shield bash the the head was something else.


We? We totally are. How many deaths have there been already, 90 or more? And about 400 court martials to civillians?

They? Well, to be honest over half of them do not volunteer for this. But those do nothing to stop the ones that do want to because… yes, they are also scared of their lives and their family. I heard the interviews to a student that got shot lead pellets, he said the guards laughet at him while they told him to run or get shot at. And I also posted on another thread the guy that was shot to the chest twice and died.

When videos like this go viral the government say they will investigate. Then nothing ever happens, and occationaly those guards may even get a medal or a bonus salary. (Actually, the national police was given new uniforms yesterday to be used starting today. Much more militaristic. The president jokingly said he looked like Saddam Hussein while wearing one ).


that’s funny coming from the forum cop.


Could you (or anybody) please give some backstory, if there is any?


actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it, he is in a environment where law and order is not valued-chaos seems to be the norm. So of course he would react in the exact opposite and want order and rules followed where he can help it.



Not much backstory because it is quite simple due to it’s frequency. This happened on the western north part of the country in a town/neighborhood called Lecherías which is a part of the city Puerto La Cruz, a pretty touristic place where rich people buy beach appartments. This guy was part of a protest against the government. The protest was then dispersed by the national guard and the national police, the motive is not really necessary. They may claim the protest was obstructing free transit, or disturbing the peace, or whatever they want to say to have an excuse to throw tear gas and start linching people. This guy made the big mistake of being unmasked and alone when the opressors came on their bikes guns in hand. Good thing it was filmed… not the first time something like this happens BTW. I could share a video of when they locked 10 students on the back of a cargo truck and then threw a tear gas grenade inside as they locked them inside to be asphixiated until they reached the comissary.


Not all cops are bad. Most are actually pretty nice. It’s just the bad ones that usually make the news.


While I am fully aware I may be taken out of context for my tremendous lack of specification back there, I was referring to the ones in my country. I do realize we are an exeption, but that exeption is my day to day.



Yeah, since you said “they should just all die” I took it as literally all cops.



Plus, I am sadly not in a very chilled mood today. Quite the opposite. Maybe I should indeed edit the part you quoted.


Cops in Venezuela are nothing more than a state sponsored criminal gang.


What do you think of the police in the United States?


Oh, but we have those too! They are called collectives!

They are allowed to support the national guard, or even take the blame for them entirelly, with total impunity.

They usually operate in the poorest hoods, preventing the people there from rising up against the government.


Cops are Shit wherever they are.

Guess this belongs in here:

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This is fucked up


Great, so now the tax payer has to raise the kids because Trump wanted to kick out the bad hombres.

I hear that among hispanics crime rates have gone down thanks to Trump, not because of deporting gang members but because hispanics aint calling the cops.

Damm shame.


Actually, most are just people trying to do their job