General News Thread 2.0


I’m talking about the idea of a police force as a centrally administrated entity rather than individual officers.


How would you do it?



The Republican guy in that clip is really deluded.

“Sometimes the Sins of the Father are visited upon the Sons, and that’s unfortunate, but the government didn’t create those Sins.”

Yeah, pretty sure they did. And which is worse - crossing a border 20 years ago, or arbitrarily splitting up an entire family?


They have deeply sistematic issues and are very, very flawed, as well as not requiring near enough training to enter the force. They are still quite a ways off of being literal criminal gangs I think though.

Also, on that:


wha? They didn’t have their body cams turned on?

Well I am sure they were just scared and forgot to turn them on before they shot an umarmed white woman.


Oh, looks like she will get some justice then.


All this over 4 pounds of pot?


The main guy was a desperate mentally ill (schizophrenia) drug addict. Trying to figure out why this guy randomly decided to murder 4 people in a week is nearly impossible. The real confusing part to me is how he has a cousin that is so willing to help him murder and deal with a bunch of dead bodies. That family seriously has some fucked up people.

I wish this country didn’t force people to have to deal with black market fuckers like in this news story just to buy some pot. Some of them are actually crazy and very dangerous.


@Wakanda - Stuff for your collection!



The English have pretty looking money.

Thanks for making me aware. The coin looks pretty nice too. Got some family living in your country gotta see if I can get one.


I can probably send you the tenner when it drops. I am sure that can be arranged



Nice running kick to the jaw.

That was worth almost 200k

They need to take these funds out of pensions and then maybe police will stop being so scared and calm down.


Some f’d up shit… there was clearly no need for that


Love that idea of taking it out of pensions. Brilliant!!!:+1:



What the fuck happened to you?


He met every single Somali in the world and judged them to be of poor character.


Pretty sure he just turned into a giant racist. I just want to know why, cuz he was one of the most chill members, Once Upon a Time.

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Well, I assumed you flagged it already. Plus, ppl would just click on it anyways.


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