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Are you speaking for China? I knew you were asian, just not exactly from where.


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You’re right, you guys didn’t occupy Tibet, you annexed it.

Acting like China is without sin is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard.


what do you actually know about Tibet?
The tibetans live more prosperously than most Easter Chinese folks. their yaks are worth 50000 RMB each and each family owns like 20.

the only person oppressig them is the dhalai lama who they all pay tribute to. before they were annexed they were legitimately slaves to dhalai lama.

also where did i say they were without sin? the first thing i said there was still a lot of corruption. but is annexing tibet even comparavle for all the atrocities and war crime America and Brittain is responsible for in the last century?


Article 50 was triggered today.

inb4 some internet edgelord thinks they are original making a “triggered” joke


I didn’t say anything about America or Britain, they are irrelevant to the point I am making. You said modern China has never occupied a country. They literally conquered Tibet in the modern era. Get your facts straight.


And how is this relevant to China being a world threat?

So you’re tacitly stating you liberated them, or so you have been raised to believe anyway. There is always at least two sides to every story however.

So now you’re not denying China’s crimes but instead deminishing them by saying that others have done it as well? So is righteusness defined by normality? Then let us nuke all minorities.

Quite honestly, I do not know if you know how debates work, but this is not it.


Tibet has never been a country since the Yuan dynasty absorbed it 800 years ago. you get your facts straight. Tibet is not a example of occupying another country


this makes no sense. i have no idea what you’re even arguing about


Venezuelan status: inconstitutional administrative corruption at it’s finest. Not really new, just sick of the whole world not caring.

So basically, since the legislative power is in opposition control, the judicial power in government control (of course, breaking the constitution for the millionth time) declared that since the legislative is continuing to act irregularly by accepting on the national assembly 3 deputies (legally elected by the native tribes) whom the government has sanctioned and not habilitated (for no reason at all, they just dont want the legislative to have overwhelming majority), then they have decided to take over legislative control by themselves.

Rephrasing: the judicial will now act as both judicial and legislative because the executive doesn’t fancy having deputies against it.


Well isn’t this mighty suspicious…


“When you are given immunity you have probably committed a crime”- Michael Flynn, 2016


There’s some right pieces of shit in Brexit Britain


This place is even more strange:|


There has been an explosion on the metro in the city of St Petersburg, Russian state media reports.

Developing story - more to come

Norwegian news report at least (edit) 10 people killed 50 injured so far:


Russia’s April Fools joke: Press 1 to arrange a call from a Russian diplomat to your political opponent. Press 2 to use the services of Russian hackers, and press 3 to tamper with election.


Ef. Hopefully casualties are minimal.


9 Dead


Main suspect by Russian media


He looks like a Hitman villain.