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Noticed Hitman Forum doesn’t really have a Political News thread.
Thought I’d start one.

This thread is useful to keep irrelevant political posts thread in a relevant thread.

Germany, Munich Public Shooting
Funny Pictures/Video Thread
Germany, Munich Public Shooting

Apparently North Korea used a Hydrogen Bomb.


Brings to mind a hilarious incident at a Model United Nations conference I was at a few weeks ago. The committee was DISEC (Disarmament and International Security) and the agenda was dismantling existing stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and prohibiting the production of new ones. The delegate of North Korea presented a resolution draft and ended his speech by stating that North Korea was totally aligned with the UN in furthering world peace … Delegate of Switzerland asked him if that was the case, then why did Kim Jong-Un just threaten to use his hydrogen bomb to blow any enemy off the map? North Korea responded by saying that hydrogen bombs, being neither chemical nor biological weapons, were not pertinent to the agenda at hand. Ah, MUN :’)


I was at the DMZ and technically in North Korea 2 weeks ago in this blue building separating South Korea and North Korea (the blue building on the left).

Actually on the day I arrived in South Korea Kim Jong-un announced on the same day that North Korea would bomb South Korea (Seoul) on a specific time. That time was just a few hours after I landed in Korea. A good start for me eh? but you never take North Korea seriously and the South Koreans doesn’t take them seriously either. Daily threats from their neighbors is normal for them.

But in this specific case it actually looks like North Korea launched a hydrogen bomb. Kind of scary, but then again… will they truly ever be a threat? I don’t think so.


It’s probably a ruse for AID like they do every year.
Hopefully nothing major happens from it.


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DailyStar as the source, but oh well.

"Armed suspect shot dead after trying to storm Paris police station"

Apparently this was the on first anniversary of the charlie hebdo attack, down to the hour?


Just translating and paraphrasing for those interested

The Finnish news about Helsinki state that the police “caught wind” of plans to converge and harass in a similar fashion to what happened in Germany, so they significantly increased patrols in advance and the police believe that thanks to their pre-emptive movement the situation never got out of had. Three harassment cases were reported, two of which resulted in charges. Tens of suspected troublemakers were taken out of the area already early on in the evening. Later on they heard of reports of similar harassment behaviour on other parts of the city, away from the main party.

That’s most of the Finnish text concerning Finland, they write more about the incidents in Germany after they reported on the domestic news.



Using Bild, a Daily Mail/The Sun-like tabloid, widely known for it’s sensationalism and dubious journalistic qualities as the source for your claims? Yep, that’s pretty much an Expert post right there.


You mean the ones far-right shitheads like you would not give a single fuck about if they weren’t commited by brown people? You realize how many Black and Arabic people there are in Germany, right? A small number of them are bound to be criminals, especially with so many of them living in impoverished areas.

As for the link you’ve provided about how supposedly “500 migrants stormed a nightclub and assaulted women” - first of all, Focus are a conservative right-wing newspaper, so they’re not exactly the most unbiased source of information, but I’ll let it slide. However, you’ve still managed to completely “misinterpret” (i.e. lie about) what the article is about:

  • unless I’m missing something, at no point does the word “migrants” appear in the article, nor does the article even give a description of any of the perpetrators,
  • the article claims 500 men were forcefully trying to get into the nightclub and that there were “some” reports of sexual assault. That’s a far cry from “500 migrants stormed into a nightclub and assaulted women”.

Do I need to go on? Because at this point it’s pretty clear to me that you’re nothing but a lying sack of shit desperately trying to justify his bigoted views. Seriously, maybe you should get a job at whatever the French eqivalent of the Daily Mail/Bild is - though if your French is anything like your English, I suggest you don’t.


Expert suddenly gives a shit about women and women’s rights when it’s an opportunity to attack migrants.

Opportunistic piece of shit.


People can’t handle factual news, without political ideology.

I immediately regret making this thread :confused:


There is a difference between presenting factual news as it stands and presenting a biased interpretation of such facts.


Please let it not just be a Muslim/immigration-thread like 99% of the news covered in the media today…


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It is interesting to me that people have forgotten the news that almost every new years eve and other festivals there are reports on sexual assaults on women by drunk blokes. It happens every year. However this time around it seems that immigrants might have join the group.
From the perspective of right wing folks. Was this an opportunity for them to spew their anger on immigrants and redirect all the blame. Sure I can’t see why not.
So what is the solution provided by right wing folks:
Stop let’n d’em immgrants in o’r country!!
Our Answer. Agreed 100%. rightfully your opinion.
Just stop posting about this topic from now on. no further discussion. lets move to some other news.


Holy fuck, David Bowie died. 2 days after releasing his new album too. Damn.


Trying to steer the news away from controversial topics. :confused:

Google Overlord thinks AI can help solve worlds "Hard Problems"

Chicago police now have to produce stingray records