General News Thread


She played Princess Leila from the first trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi), but reprised her role in the new movie.


So it’s probably an age thing. Too bad. Let’s hope she recovers.


Her mother tweeted that she in a stable condition.


Good to know. Still, the change of stability can be unpredictable with this cases. Let’s hope she recovers and this episode doesn’t presents itself as an obstacle against her career.
Edit: Apparently, George Michael passed away not too long ago. Damn it. What a disgraceful way of starting the year. It’s like if 2016 still had plans for taking more lifes. :bear::cry:


That’s life, sadly. People all die all the time, even on Christmas and New Year ’s Eve and celebrities are no exception.




Super sad about George Michael. He was one of my favourites.


What does that say in English??


It is the report from colombian authorities about the accident that got the Chapecoense killed. You could look for a version in english now that you know the subject, or you could let google translate it, or you could read what I think of that shit in the conspiracy thread.


2016… You are a big prick to be just a set of numbers…


RIP :^(




RIP Carrie Fisher :cry:


I am hearing about a media black out in the UK. Someone royal has died?
Well the conspiracy theories did quote her as saying "enjoy your last Christmas. "


I believe that was a fake story.


oh yeah you are right.

cant beleive i got taken in. whoops


What a way to start the year


I’m too worried for my turkish friends. I hope they answer as soon as possible


Great, fucking cowards.


I’m not even surprised… :pensive:

Let’s hope the police will find that guy(s) soon.