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Attack made by a guy wearing Santa suit, pretty hard to see some kill everyone with Santa suit now :unamused:


That’s not true apparently. A misunderstanding.


We can see some footage captured by CCTV where he is wearing a Santa Suit


Binali Yildirim also confirmed the gunman was not dressed as Santa Claus, contradicting earlier reports.


Turkey is such a mess and it’s a shame. Beautiful country. Fun people and delishious food.


No… no no no no no no no no no…


It’s disgusting how some people wouldn’t consider this an act of racism.


That’s really disgusting. But what did they hope to achieve by posting a video like that on Facebook?


They are probably stupid enough to believe that since that guy used his freedom to vote for Donald Trump, that people would “understand” the kidnapping, and torture.

If you think it’s okay to cause violence towards someone solely based on their political beliefs or skin color (I’m assuming both since they were screaming fuck white people in the video), that’s a hate crime.


Don’t start with that bollocks.


I found out about this story before it hit mainstream since I keep an eye on Chicago. They posted that video for their family and friends only and it leaked out beyond the circle of people. In the video one of the attackers mentions what would happen if it gets out. So I don’t think they thought further than the circle of people they know.

Also the police are currently looking into charging it a hate crime.

There is no doubt they will be locked up, as they should be. They fucked up and now they will pay simple as that. That’s how the justice system should work. When you are caught fuckin up, especially on camera, you need to go to jail.

And I’mma tell you why I support that-because if the justice system doesn’t work for them then all its gonna do is vindicate the victim feelings so many of my country men are harboring in their hearts.

So make an example of them I don’t care. They fucked up.


The most disturbing thing about this is the fact that the victim was a mentally handicapped teenager. I’ve seen a lot of commentary focusing on political intolerance or racism but fewer mentioning the mental health aspect of the victim. You’re not going to find many people who will feel sympathy for those who kidnap, falsely imprison and torture disabled kids, that’s just straight up abhorrent. They’ll probably have a better chance at acquittal if they drowned babies.

This is the kind of case that gets strong reactions from people who don’t normally have strong reactions to other hate crimes - Because for once, they can identify with the victim.


Call me crazy but I think there is a conspiracy going on behind the scenes that I just can’t figure out. Something don’t smell right, it’s like Trump or the U.S. is being set up for something.

Anyway I don’t trust that Assange boy. He running from a rape and molestation case? Naw, that’s a deal breaker. He talking about he won’t get a fair trial ya-da-ya.

Fuck that. Fine, you wanna talk about not getting a fair trial, as a black in America I can believe it, but even with all that if I was facing a rape charge I would go to court. I would love to go to court. No settlements I wanna see you in court. No interviews, no tweets, no slander against the person making the allegations- I’ll see you in court. And then after the case I’m suing for costs and damages.

Assange wants to throw a stone and hide his hand. Wants to accuse the whole world while running away from his accusers. Go beat that rape case, and then come talk to me about what everyone else is hiding.


I think he would get a fair trial in Sweden for the rape case - The primary concern is the fact Sweden can’t guarantee that they won’t extradite him to the USA afterwards. A lot of American politicians have talked about assassinating him, so I can’t really blame him for being paranoid - Especially not after the torture and extremely harsh sentence given to one of his sources (Private Chelsea Manning).

That said, he is a rather divisive character and lately Wikileaks have been making a lot of questionable decisions. Their zero curation approach to leaking makes them very suceptible to manipulation from a third party, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if Russia was indeed supplying them with strategically timed emails to leak. That said, there’s no declassified evidence this is the case - But leaking uncurated documents that contain names and personal information of rape victims in middle eastern and north african nations is simply not in the public interest. They’re quite morally indifferent in their hostility to redaction.

I still think Wikileaks is an important organization, they have historically done good work and may do so again, but right now their absolute refusal to curate their leaks in any way has debased them quite severely in my eyes.


Anyway, we truly are living in a parallel universe. The President Elect is backslapping and siding with a guy who has previously embarrased the USA quite severely, whilst admonishing and mocking the Intelligence Agencies that are going to be working at his behest. The next 4 years are going to be fucking weird.


And just like that the outrage is over. The day it hit the mainstream media charges were brought to the fullest extent including hate crime charges.

“Four suspects have been charged in connection with the Facebook Live torture video in Chicago.
Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper; 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 24,
have each been charged with hate crime, felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Hill, Cooper and Brittany Covington also face charges of residential burglary. Hill also faces charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle. The suspects will appear in court Friday.”

The outcome was never in doubt. Those kids are gonna get the punishment they deserve for the crime they committed.

As Shaun King said: “This country does not need me to speak out on crimes committed by black
folk because nobody in this country is held more responsible for the crimes they commit.”



I’m glad to see those criminals got exactly what they deserved!

And wow CNN using a Fallout 4 screenshot is fucking hilarious.


They haven’t got anything yet, only charged.

Here’s an interesting report on Japanese gun crime:


Truly, the small fingered, pussy grabbing, Putin loving, illegitimate orange avenger President is a man of many-many talents.

Too busy to be in a deposition, press conference, or intelligence briefing-but never too busy to worry about the ratings of a television show, meet with Kanye West or Chill with Don King.