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“Oh, I was tagged. Let’s see what’s going on.”


Guns are useful to have. Now there are problems here in Mexico, I’m glad I own the shotgun.


“we need guns to protect us from the people with guns”


LMFAO!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Okay, I literally laughed my f***ing ass off at this lol
(Definitely gonna look up more of him!)

But no, really I totally understand other people’s point of views on the subject and I respect that. Everyone’s different and everyone has their own views and opinions… Fair enough.

All I’m saying is (in the US at least) if someone owns guns, in some cases you get looks from people like you’re nuts, like “omg, you own guns? What’s the matter with you?” That’s the shit that gets to me.

It’s like, no! (And just like the guy in the video says) I like guns, that’s it. I’m not gonna try and bullshit you saying “oh, it’s strictly only for protection”

I mean yeah, if I happen to have it in my hands as my house is getting robbed, surely I intend to protect myself, but chances are I’m not always gonna have it strapped to me, because THAT would be insane. I just like guns, nothing wrong with that.

Why should sane people get demonized for having guns, just because the select few nut jobs on the news decide to kill innocent people… That’s all I’m saying :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I don’t really care what idiots think.



When they need your help you can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. The cops can arrive just in time to help them.


People who go around saying they don’t care what people think… do. :slight_smile:

If. Not when.


The toddler comparison is wrong.

Few months later we got the Orlando nightclub shooting.





Here at Mexico the riots are happenning with molotov cocktails and home made flamethrowers, even some small pipe bombs. Are you going to prohibite fuel, alcohol, fertilizers and sprays just because their potential to harm others? Besides, the right to bear arms is just cool:

No need of anything else. :bear::slight_smile:


Nice bear arms.


You have no idea of how hard was to find this pic again. It’s a friend of mine via Facebook, for obvious reasons.


That’s completely different. Guns are designed, specifically, to kill people and/or other animals. Fuel, alcohol, fertilizers and sprays aren’t. It’s like comparing nuclear bombs to sharp glass.


The fact that the US government can’t prevent known ISIS supporters (who aren’t allowed to even get a plane ticket) from getting a gun is perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


And so? It’s obvious they are tools to kill. Anything can be a potential weapon. Besides, it’s important to use them if neccesary and stop pretending that authorities are enough to help. Education and responsability are important to learn about guns and under wich circumstances they should be used.


The second amendment needs… to be amended in all honesty. The initial law of the 2nd amendment was not written in anticipation of weapons of the future but solely for the “protection” against unlawful government. Considering its basis is set from a “foreign” governing, being Britain over NewFoundland (US), they wanted to protect themselves in case of another ruled them and taxed them too high etc. which isn’t going to happen.

Times have changed. There are different weapons that cause higher capacity of damage to what the 2nd amendment was initially targeting. There are laws, technology where government can’t literary drag you out on the street and execute you right there for not paying tax. Police have evolved from back then and so should a 200 year old law that was for flintlock and not gas powered assault rifles.

Personal defence weapons (not to be confused with actual PDWs) should be available to lawful, licenced people. Shotguns and pistols of a certain calibre. Want to have a AR-15 or other weapon? Get a separate more higher background tested licence where you can use it at ranges or any legal established area and store it where it’s tracked in house.

If I were a nuclear physicist and wanted to experiment to harness powers of nuclear fission, which required me to have enriched uranium. Which on the other hand, I could make a nuke out of. Just because terrorists do. I’m sane and should be trusted to use such materials but are not allowed.

Same goes for an AC-130. lol


Yeah but you see…Enriched uranium isn’t legal for citizens to just go in a store and buy… Guns are… So no offense, but bad example. I do see your point though.


All babies born in America should be put on a list :smile:


Bible, Bartoli, 19:11


Sing, Brother Heckler. Sing, Brother Koch. Sing, my brothers… SIIIING!