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You’re asserting that the Second Amendment should not apply to modern small arms, because the Founding Fathers could not have envisioned such weapons in the 18th century. I’m drawing a parallel with the First Amendment and the Internet. I know that the Internet is worldwide, but we’re talking about the United States, and what you publish on the Internet in the U.S. is protected by the First Amendment.

That last part was semi-facetious, but the Continental Congress was made aware of the Belton flintlock, an early repeating weapon, in the 1770s. Considering that several of the Founders were inventors and avid gun collectors anyway, it is far-fetched to assume that they wouldn’t have expected firearms technology to advance beyond what was available in 1791.

The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that the Second Amendment is subject to “reasonable regulation,” but that it protects an individual right to own weapons that are in common use at the time and that are used for lawful purposes. The AR-15-pattern rifle meets both criteria. Rifles, of which so-called assault weapons are often a subset (it is a fluid category because what defines an “assault weapon” is determined by statute), are used in fewer homicides, annually, than, for example, blunt weapons.

I don’t see the sense in that.

Well, as long as it’s obviously not needed. :smile: [quote]
Anything other than a typical shotgun or a pistol should be classed to higher attention automatically. Both shotgun and pistol should be within reason (you can’t have an AA12 and a Desert Eagle) or you get the same treatment as if you were to get a higher grade weapon. Proof of safe keeping should be required too.

What is less reasonable about owning a Desert Eagle than, say, a Glock 17 or a Smith & Wesson Model 29?

“Licensees shall retain each ATF Form 4473 for a period of not less than 20 years after the date of sale or disposition. Where a licensee has initiated a National Instant Background Check System (NICS) check for a proposed firearms transaction, but the sale, delivery, or transfer of the firearm is not made, the licensee shall record any transaction number on the Form 4473, and retain the Form 4473 for a period of not less than 5 years after the date of the NICS inquiry.”

It is worth noting, however, that all a Firearms Transaction Record shows is that you purchased a firearm. It doesn’t show that you still have it.

“At a recent use-of-force class I was instructing for a Public Risk Management group, the topic of firearms training frequency came up. The discussion was prompted by the fact that during the latest round of FBI suspect interviews conducted for the third book in the Officer Assaulted and Murdered trilogy (‘Violent Encounters’), it was revealed that those suspects believed that police officers trained between two and three times a week with their firearms. In reality, most police departments only train about two times a year, averaging less than 15 hours annually. In contrast to our frequency of training, those same suspects revealed that they practiced on average 23 times a year (or almost twice a month) with their handguns.

“During a poll taken during this class which represented about a half dozen Florida law enforcement agencies, I asked how many train more than twice a year. No hands went up. When asked how many train or qualify with their duty guns only once a year. Everyone raised their hands. Hence, the genesis for this article.” [Emphasis added]


So a couple years back I was at grade 8 or 7 when we had a public execution in the form of hanging in front of our school.

Our school was like a rather expensive private school so it wasn’t the ghetto type school with those types of kids.

I think they guy who did it had murdered someone or something so he probably did deserve it unless you are against executions in general.

It kinda traumatized me for a while to see him hanging dead right there infront of everybody and the fact that they would do it infornt of all these people was shocking. I had forgotten about it for a long while until I watched a video about North Korean defectors talking about public executions.


I thought I’d shate the wikipedia bio of this disgrace since I didn’t elaborate much on it when I spoke of that beast a few days ago.


Oh! What a surprise. The White House is now a Family Business.


Donald Trump is a thug.

The Gangsta president Donald J Trump.


As much as I admire Corbyn, I don’t think this is going to go down too well, even in the UK where people generally have more measured expectations about their projected success. In the US I have noticed that more people outside of the 1% are prepared to defend wealth inequality and oppose higher taxation for richer individuals because they see themselves as millionaires in pending, who are temporarily deprived of their millionaire status. That’s the “American Dream” in action - So a politician making a statement like this over there would basically be akin to political suicide. I think it’s still going to put a lot of voters off here, even if many people agree that Premier League footballers are drastically overpaid. That’s a symptom of the problem though, not the problem itself.


And that teacher’s name? Albert Einstein. CHECKMATE, ATHEISTS.

I wonder how many people in that hypothetical class would go on to be multi-millionaires? Or how many of them feel that you should only do something or have drive and desire to be the best you can at something for a monetary reward? The idea that a socialist society breeds inadequacy is a particularly irksome myth to be honest.


You can’t use examples like Einstein lol He was one in a billion. Not many people do great things for humanity without some kind of a reward - and rightly so, because most people are parasites.

Human nature will always cause socialism’s style of government to fail because the world has producers and non-producers (makers and takers).


I was making a joke, as the tone of the story reminded me of those e-mail chains or copypastas that used to do the rounds - They’d have an elaborate setup for an eye-rollingly unlikely payoff. For example, a Christian student outsmarts his Atheist professor and shows him up in front of the class, and then the closing remark would be “That student’s name? Albert Einstein.” It just made me think of those because it’s an abstract and unlikely scenario that most likely didn’t happen.

The greatest egalitarian achievement of our country, the NHS, is a distinctly socialist concept. A healthcare service which everyone pays into, is free at the point of use, and supports everyone when they need it without putting them in debt for the rest of their lives. How is that doomed to failure? Doctors, nurses and other staff work in the NHS because it’s one of the best healthcare services in the world. It exists because people with the will to see it succeed still fight for it. The reward is not monetary, because doctors here make a fraction of what they could earn in the USA or New Zealand if they were to emigrate and set up a private practice - Yet this service attracts the best in the world.


It’s a hypothetical scenario which has been dumbed down so the majority of the population can associate with it. And I said it was a story. Not a real life event.

They don’t do it for nothing though, do they :wink: In fact, the NHS is a great example because NHS staff are constantly striking because they feel wronged for one reason or another.


Well obviously not for nothing, but for significantly less than they could make having a private practice in America for example. There’s less money working in socialized medicine, but that’s not necessarily a negative because healthcare shouldn’t be an industry run for profit. It’s still a comfortable living from a fiscal standpoint, and not uncommon for consultants to make over £100k per year. That’s why I don’t necessarily agree with the view that a structure based on socialist principles leads to nobody succeeding.

The NHS strikes are a very recent phenomenon - This is the first time in the history of the NHS that junior doctors have gone on strike, and it’s due to the actions of a certain Health Secretary who wants to impose unfair contracts on them, which would severely compromise patient safety and negatively impact the integrity of the service.


Yes that’s true Quinn. Good talking politics with you. I should probably get back to work now though :cry:


Jeff Sessions, what a nasty bloke. Nice to see him getting taken to task for his bullshit.


Gonna be fun watching him wreck the marijuana laws.


He certainly hasn’t been painted in a positive light here. Maybe he’ll prove too Toxiccccqhahaha who am I kidding. Attorney General lol!!


I have no doubt that Trump will get 8 years either. Unless he’s impeached maybe. I don’t see what he could do to disqualify himself that he hasn’t done already.


No way. I don’t see the man getting past 2 years before getting impeached.
I say he is out by midterms-otherwise I don’t see him winning re-election.
I think the wall fiasco that is sure to follow will be enough to have him lose the faith of the lesser percentage of Americans that followed him in the first place.




My country is full of surprises!

They are gonna kill Dylan Roof!

I take unashamed joy at the news of his impending doom.
Still will take a while for them to put the needle to him but that’s American justice for ya.

In any case Roof was fascinating to read about there is much to digest in understanding the mindset of the new modern white supremacy. Glad to see them finally shaking off the mentally ill white boy trope. Been using that trick since Lee Harvey Oswald tried the insanity defense for killing MLK.

Edit: damn and it ain’t even been five minutes and the dude is already asking for a retrial! What a punk-still a coward at the end of the day.


He can rot in Hell for all what I care. Deserved for that prick.


You used to talk mad shit-then you got beat in jail.
You used to love White Jesus-now you can burn in hell.

When I hear that guilty verdict-that can only mean one thing…