General News Thread


I would disagree. I like hell too much for this guy. Can he just die and face eternal darkness or something?


Whatever you want but vanish him from existence. Disolution of Etternity for pricks like that.


I don’t support the death penalty but I won’t be crying any tears for Dylan fucking Roof.



I went to a local church in the hood after the shooting, the very next Sunday. I wear my relgion on my sleeve and it hurt my heart to see the people visibly scared and looking around.

The pastor bascially had to stand in front of the church and tell them he had a gun on him. I had never witnessed anything like that in all my years, and i grew up stereotypically in the black church.

Shame folks can’t even find safety in the house of the Lord. That such a coward would bring his violent ignorance to a place of worship. It robbed alot of people all over the country of joy. It was a unique and specfic threat to the black church as historically church is the only place blacks were allowed to meet in large numbers.

So i wanted him to die as to not inspire his Nazi ilk to do the same thinking they can escape with their lives.


Russian intelligence officers planned to blackmail Donald Trump with knowledge of his alleged “perverted sexual acts,” a new report obtained by Buzzfeed alleges. The unverified report by a person claiming to be a former British intelligence official alleges that Russian officials intended to blackmail Trump with evidence of him allegedly hiring multiple sex workers to perform “golden showers” in front of him. The hotel where the acts allegedly occurred were said to be under Russian surveillance.

Probably nothing more than a David Cameron fucking a pig scenario… But just imagine for a second. Black Mirror eat your heart out.


No wonder he wants to drain the swamp. it’s overflowing with piss.


And that was the last time Trump gave press credentials to anyone other than Breitbart.

Look at this giant fucking baby lmao


That guy Roof is just a waste of oxygen.


Oh and by the way is that guy Anders Breivik still in the news? He was (again) doing the Hitler-salutein court. He could go with Dylann Roof to hell.


Nazi scum, the pair of them.


Problemo número uno.

No offence towards you at all, but I can’t help but laugh at the logic.

Invent God --> Invent rules for said God --> Tell people the god you invented let’s you do heinous shit and it’s totally cool because he said so.

God obviously isn’t real, yet people claim some intimidating, incompetent father figure told them they could own death machines and that’s the best reason they have :joy:


None taken man lol it’s just a figure of speech
I’m sure even atheists at times say for example;
“For God’s sake!” :smile:

But it is a persons right to own a gun (if they choose)


“Keaton always said, ‘I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.’ Well, I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze.”


So… since it was labeled as an ‘unverified report’, are there more infos now?


What do you do when you shoot yourself in your foot? Apply a bandage? Stop the bleeding?

No, according to Theresa May you shoot yourself in your other foot. Then you blow both your legs off with a rocket launcher.


It’s not like she has any choice. The UKIP seems to believe that you can just leave the EU while keeping all of the advantages like free trade but none of the disadvantages - which isn’t going to happen. A hard Brexit and later negotiation about a free trade agreement once everyone has calmed down is probably her best option.


But remaining in the European Economic Area is in our best interests as a country and a population. Even countries that aren’t in the EU such as Norway and Switzerland still participate in the EEA. Theresa May is a notorious xenophobe who will do almost anything to curtail immigration, even if it means crippling the country economically for an entire generation.


It gets better and better. I hope Scotland goes independent, I’m only a couple of miles from the border.


NOOOOOO!!! Don’t let Scotland go independent! England loves Scotland!:slight_smile: Please don’t leave us!


England loves Scotland. Scotland loves Scotland. England hates England. Scotland hates England. Everybody hates England.