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England loves Scotland. Scotland loves Scotland. England hates England. Scotland hates England. Everybody hates England.



God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Scotland Hates England.



Therefore…Scotland Hates England.


Wow, fantastic news.


So a 15 years old kid went into his college, shot 3 classmates and a teacher and then to himself. All of them are alive at this moment , even the guy who tried to commit suicide. Well, another major shooting along with one inside a bar with an AK-47 in Playa del Carmen.
So, in this page the video of how it went is shown. The kid shot himself in the mouth.

Final edit: And the kid that did the shooting is dead. He didn’t survived for too long after shooting himself in the mouth.


Reminder to self: Don’t post in General News Thread.


Reminder this is the General News thread.

Not the political propaganda disguised as an urban myth thread.

If you want to discuss economic theory, please do so in an appropriate thread and with the appropriate level of civility.


Oh god, the implications and deep-seated irony of that tax story. Thank you for linking that, I needed the laugh.


Yes, because jokes about Scotland hating England are completely equal to economic philosophy.



From today i will stop reading the news and stop watching news on TV, why? Because of one man and his name is Donald Trump and today he will be the new president of United States, this man makes me sick and i’m scared for all the harm he can do, i really hope he is removed from the office long before the 4 years is gone.


That woman is vile. Really hope she doesn’t win.


Search google and read about him and what his plans is when he becomes the president and you will see.
I’m living in Norway but this man is dangerous for the world piece.


Scrapping the Paris Climate deal and making friends with far right European party leaders before they are even elected show bad signs.


I’m not concerned about myself, i’m more concerned about the world and what he can do against citizens of USA.


I guess we may soon see the end of the EU. The new US president has a very low opinion of the EU and if the Front National wins French may be the next one leaving.


He has a low opinion of everything, and everything has a low opinion of him - So the scales are even.


Except for Russia. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really interesting discussions have happened during my ban:D