General News Thread


They’d claim responsibility for an earthquake if it hurt someone.

Also… THEY RELEASED THE SUSPECT. The terrorist is still out there. Hope people stay safe.


How can they not find out who was driving that truck?
Even if it is rented. Or was it stolen?
If stolen, take owner of vehicle is involved in crime too.


They say the truck was stolen-and it seems like they found the body of the co-driver who was with the driver when the truck was first stolen.

So looks like the real perp(s) just used someone elses stuff


Was there any evidence to prove that he is innocent?


They couldn’t prove that he did it. No blood, no gun, no traces of powder on his cloths, no other forensic evidences… So even if he did it there was no way to prove it.

But probably he was just someone at the wrong place, at the wrong time who matched the descriptions of the eyewitnesses.


Or maybe he was partner😕?


From the sounds of it he was just the nearest Muslim-they found him on a park bench.

So unless this guy is the Muslim 47 and killed a man with a gun AND a knife then switched out his bloody gun powder clothes to sleep on a park bench-I trust the Germans know what they are doing.


They should check the truck for driver dna first


They (or he/her) carjacked the truck and shot the driver.

the absence of gun powder doesn’t mean the absence of guilt.

Well they opted for minimal security, so I wouldn’t trust them that much lol. They also thought they got the right guy for 12 hours, so the real perpetrator has a head start of 12 hours.


The nearest Muslim who looked like the supposed suspect. I doubt that they just arrested a random guy just because he looked foreign. Eyewitnesses probably described the fleeing man as “middle-eastern guy wearing a [insert color][insert cloth]. That guy probably happened to look similar and wear similar cloths.

That said, he probably killed the driver long before crushing into the Christmas market and could’ve switched his cloths. And a gun can be thrown away. Still, the forensic investigators aren’t stupid. The probably thoroughly checked the truck for evidence. If he had been inside that cabine twenty minutes ago he would’ve left some traces.


Of course not-but I employed occums razor and I think the simplest explanation is not that the killer changed clothes or in some other way took all the evidence of a bloody crime off him and slept in the park bench but that the locals much like some of the people on these boards-jumped to conclusions and saw someone they liked for the crime and called it in. Wrong place wrong time.

When I say I trust the Germans know what they are doing-from what I have seen they have conducted themselves admirably and I didn’t see where they said the guy they detained was the real guy. I just saw they said they have someone being questioned. I can’t speak on their security protocols but I would imagine the person who is in charge of security for this event may not be the same person leading the investigation.

As the Americans like to say after a cop kills a black

“Let’s just wait until the investigation is concluded before jumping to conclusions okay guys?”


They released him because there was literally no evidence he was the perpetrator. That’s par for the course.


Seriously though, most countries within the EU have emergency legislation that allows them to detain individuals suspected of terror offenses for longer than the time required by law for most other offenses. So if they let him go after 24 hours it must be because there is overwhelming evidence he WASN’T the suspect.


What they did was allow nearly a million asylum seekers into their country. That’s not “opting for minimum security”, that’s being humane at a time when most of the world was turning a blind eye to the refugee crisis. The number of refugees who commited criminals acts vs the vast number who settled is going to be extremely skewed in favour of the latter group.


How does a country take in a million people? If they stay then that’s a million less jobs in that country, that can’t be good for citizens. Obviously I’m just rounding up but I am curious.


@TheOneWhoKnocks they should take in less refugees,and the Arab states should take more along with the Americas and East Asia. Right now all the refugees seem to be pouring into neighbour states like Lebanon or moving into Europe, most specifically German and Sweden.


I just don’t get how they do it, it’s ok being humane but what about how it affects the people already living in the country? There’s only so much to go around, how can they just bring in a million new people.


@TheOneWhoKnocks it does seem pretty absurd. The refugees would have to practically build a new city’s worth of jobs, and housing, and money, etc.


I have no idea how it all works but I would love to know. To me so far it just seems like citizens get screwed and that’s that.


They do. The vast majority of refugees live in developing nations. Lebanon for example, 1 in every 5 people is a refugee. This “Arab nations don’t take their fair share” thing is a myth - They do.