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How did the mall Santas and Chanukah Harry’s do their job? Did they need special permissos?


Farage is one callous, nasty human being. No wonder he is so chummy with Trump.



My guy here shoots a UPS driver in a Walmart parking lot with a rifle and then runs over his body with his truck as he drives away.


Cause he thought it was Donald Trump.


Sounds like someone who tries to pretend to be insane in hope of getting a "better“ sentence.


ya know that’s what I am kinda thinking too.

I dunno for sure but since the article says the guy was a UPS driver-he may have been in uniform.
And if that is the case-the man would have to be crazy to think the guy was Donald Trump.

That’s gotta be a crazy bitter pill to swallow-to have someone you know gunned down because mistaken identity with non other than the future president. How do you wrap your head around that.


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Berlin lorry attack suspect killed by police in Milan.


I was hoping that he would be caught alive but there isn’t much you can do as a cop when someone suddenly pulls out a gun and starts shooting at you.The most important thing is that he can no longer harm anybody.


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Let’s just all take a breather and appreciate the new season of Planet Earth




I’m aware that this is another rather controversial topic, but after the Berlin suspect managed to get to Italy some politician have called for an end of the Schengen agreement. What’s your opinions on that?

Personally I think it would be very bad for the EU and European future. It would also give these terrorists a victory, showing them that they managed to make Europe afraid of them. And while it may make it harder for terrorists to sneak past certain boarders it will not prevent terrorist attacks.


The Schengen accord is in itself a wonderful thing, but imo it’s getting way too big, too many countries are joining.

People have criticized it before so it’s not a terrorism critique only


I’ll restate.

The thread is the General News thread.

Not “Justify my biases or encourage people to join my political group” thread.

If you see people promoting bigotry in the thread: Don’t engage with them - flag them.


While it’s true that there always has been a vocal opposition against the Schengen Agreement, politicians like Marine Le Pen have used the Berlin terrorist attack as reason why we should close the borders between EU countries again.

So if we end the Schengen Agreement now, it’s basically because of attacks like these. So the terrorist got what they wanted and prove to everyone that a few fanatics managed to make Europe afraid.


Well, I don’t see it like that, but it’s okay.

These terrorist attacks, the poor intelligence sharing and ‘opendoor’ policy are just a few more drops in the bucket.

As said before, the principle is good, but it requires a really thigh cooperation between all the including nations, which is sort of lacking in my opinion.


I got Battlefield one for Christmas :smiley:
I want to play with my friends in my spare time but our internet isn’t working :cry:


Anybody knows if that actress from Star Wars that suffered a heart attack is still alive or already passed out? I can’t find convincing or reliable news about it and the others are in the same status as before.


No new news at present.


She was part of the new cast for the recent movies or came from the old one? I haven’t watched any movies recently.