Germany, Munich Public Shooting


Once again another mass shooting. 3 dead so far. This time in Germany.


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Do we really need a new thread for everything bad happens in the world? After all this is a Hitman forum.


Or there should be thread for these


Honestly never thought there would be enough bad news to end up making a “mega thread” on such a thing. Making a dedicated thread to such a thing feels rude. Usually they are one in a blue moon event but it just happens they are so close. It’s in the correct place to discuss, away from the Hitman categories. These are extremely serious issues that I would thought people would give their opinions on. Especially people on here that may be from Germany.

It’s something that effects not the country but the world. It’s not a typical crime or gangbanging. It’s worldwide terror.


We already have a [thread] (General News Thread) for news stories like these.