Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Fibre Wire - Gameplay Walkthrough


Hi fellow Hitman enthusiasts,

I am in the process of creating a walkthrough series that showcases how to kill targets from Hitman 2: Silent Assassin with the fibre wire. This video is for people who may have only played the more recent games, or for those true Hitman fans who would like a walk down memory lane. You can watch my first walkthrough of the first assassination mission, Anathema, from that Hitman entry here:

Mission 1: Anathema

I will post more episodes in this thread as I release them over the coming days/weeks!
I hope you enjoy or learn something from them! Feel free to leave constructive feedback :slight_smile:

Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough
Hitman: Contracts - Fibrewire - Gameplay Walkthrough

That’s nice! Is it also going to be Suit only? I haven’t played H2 much and am not even sure if that’s possible in all missions.


I couldn’t possibly say yet… I have only made the first episode so far. Probably not. There isn’t a ‘Suit Only’ Challenge in Hitman 2. That came along later with the newer games. Hitman 2 only has the rating system. Therefore, I don’t think it is physically possible to execute all levels in Hitman 2 with only the suit because some targets require a disguise to access them. Levels weren’t designed to allow a player to never wear a disguise, due to the absence of the challenge. Thanks for the feedback!


You are not going to have fun in Motorcade Interception.

EDIT: While Motorcade Interception is somewhat possible, Terminal Hospitality is not possible to be completed with fiber wire.


He’ll just use the [}-----{] on the targets it is possible to :wink:


You’re absolutely right! I may still attempt it… or at least eliminate them in the most creative way possible.


great video mate. I enjoy your commentary. I’ll definately keep an eye on this thread.


Awesome video man! I definitely will be keeping an eye on these videos!

The Piano Man approves! :sunglasses::+1:

But yeah, no way you’re gonna be able to kill Deewana Ji with the fiberwire, unfortunately. And The Motorcade Interception will be fun too lol

EDIt: if I may make a suggestion though, if you will not be doing Suit Only for all missions, maybe consider killing only the target and not guards? (Anesthetic) I know it’s not a requirement in this Hitman for either, but just help to keep things a little more “Silent Assassin” like lol. Of course, as I said it is only a suggestion, I’ll still be enjoying these fiberwire only videos either way :wink:


@Pissfloyd Thanks dude!


You’re right. I’ll most likely only create episodes that feature missions where you can use the fibre wire on targets.

Good suggestion. I’ll see how I go… With this series my main aim is to reach the targets and fibre wire them. I’m not so much concerned with attaining ‘silent assassin’ rating with a 0 NPC kill count for all missions. But I appreciate your suggestion :slight_smile: maybe I could create a new series for that in the future!


That would be great man!
But yeah, it was just a suggestion, I still look forward to seeing your fiberwire runs, no matter what direction you decide to take. Keep up the good work :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is my second fibre wire walkthrough for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin! Stay tuned for more!

Mission 2: St Petersburg Stakeout


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