Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Fibre Wire - Gameplay Walkthrough


I burned the fuck out of each one of them alive in the incinerator. :wink:

But the real piano man would have garrotted the bookkeeper.




A REAL Piano Man only plays the Elusive targets once, on one account too… you know, actually playing them how they were intended :hugs:

So excuse me if I didn’t figure out how to manipulate the AI in the Bookkeeper on my one and only run.

Which nobody did mind you lol that was only figured out by people who watched others and replayed them on numerous accounts and restarted until they aced it lol


I didn’t watch others, didn’t use numerous accounts and only restarted because of shitty bugs lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Still restarted, nevertheless…



Meh… I don’t mind killing mobsters… it’s more fun :smiling_imp:


Mission 3: Kirov Park Meeting


Excellent video! I love Hitman 2, but damn is the AI stupid :joy:
Very Impressive video, nevertheless. I really enjoy these videos man, keep up the great work and I look forward to the next one.

Stay professional :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks, new video coming tomorrow hopefully!


Apologies about the length of this one! It is a tricky level and cannot be completed as quickly as the last! Hope you enjoy it! Next episode coming soon!

Mission 4: Tubeway Torpedeo


Lol, you are apologizing about the length of your video (which is around 15 mins)? You should have a look at my HITMAN videos then. :slight_smile:


Haha fifteen minutes is a long time to take out of your day to watch a gameplay video in my opinion :joy:

Send me a link! I’d be keen to check them out…


Great video, once again man! I’m really enjoying watching these, keep it up. Looking forward to
"Invitation to a party" :smiley:


Thanks @AGENT4T7, I’ve been busy with work the last few days but I will release the next episode this weekend! Also have some other Hitman orientated videos coming in the next day or two! I probably won’t post them in this thread, but just check out my youtube channel if you want to watch them too :slight_smile:


No problem man, but that’s awesome, I look forward to that. And will do! :wink:


Here it is! Last fibrewire walkthrough to take place in St Petersburg! Next episode we head to Japan to take on Hayamoto Jnr - and then… arguably the hardest Hitman level ever… Hayamoto Snr! Stay tuned for those two! Hope you enjoy this latest one:

Mission 5: Invitation to a Party


It has been a rough few days for the Hitman community after hearing the dismal news about Square Enix - hopefully the latest episode of my fibre wire walkthrough series for Hitman 2 will help lighten the mood! This episode we leave St Petersburg and head to Japan! Just imagine Hayamoto Jnr is the head of Square Enix :grin:

Mission 6: Tracking Hayamoto


This is probably the highlight episode of this walkthrough series thus far! ‘Shogun Showdown’ is arguably the hardest Hitman level to date! This episode will show you how to kill Hayamoto Snr with the fibre wire, along with the Silent Assassin rating! Hope you enjoy it!

Mission 7: Shogun Showdown


This series has now been going for over a month. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting all the episodes so far! Your positive feedback means a lot! This latest one is a nice and quick walkthrough :slight_smile:

Mission 8: Basment Killing


Mission 9: The Jacuzzi Job