Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Oh yeah I remember this being mentioned before now thanks.

I could not get anywhere close to his time the waiter guy would always spot the breaching charge where he drops the FE no idea what I am doing wrong oh well I did it in 01.23 and i’m 5th not too bad.

got it down to 01.18 still 5th but can definitely do this faster.

got it to 01.15 now in 4th haha that will do for now @JDMHatch_G your time is safe for now :stuck_out_tongue:.


Hitman Colorado SA/SO Speedrun 2:30


The final test SA/AO 0:45 (world record)


Thanks I will use this to bump me up the leaderboards like i did with one of Fortheseven’s videos on the Paris map earlier today haha.


There’s no leaderboard for the final test. Well you can use Alex Niedt contract like me, but there isn’t an official leaderboard like the other missions.


Oh right I din’t know that oh well haha.


nicely done


The Mercenary 2:58 SA


Improved my route, thanks to @GuLe


Just wanted to apologize to @Adidice for knocking him down the leader-boards, @JDMHatch_G you’re next :wink:.


@JDMHatch_G Told you I was coming for you haha :grin:.


@JDMHatch_G I see you beat my time again…


Hitman2016 Episode5 Colorado SA/SO 2:17 .

A different way to kill Berg.


I take it you shot the lawnmower? you did well to time it so it would explode as he walked round any tips?


Berg smokes a lot…


Oh I never actually noticed that he smokes there thanks.

@la19010102 How come every time I do this exactly the same way you do I get sent into target lockdown and the it messes up the whole routine I have tried like 20 times now I cant take this shit anymore. It never happens when an explosion happens or when a body is found it will just randomly trigger so fucking annoying.


Target lockdown?If your timing is right,it would not happen.As i said before,ground floor NPC’s behavior after explosion is random,so you need to reload several times to have a window to make the final shot for Maya.


Yeah my point exactly its random as hell which is bullshit and has no place in a game like this.


haha i was abroad for a few days. you can kiss it goodbye now :stuck_out_tongue: (not yet,but tonight hehe)


I wouldn’t worry I am about done with speed running at least on the main missions the randomness is too much for me when trying to do things quickly.


yea i can feel for this. it does suck, now combine this with fact you can save scum ideal RNG moments, and the fact is that main missions leaderboards mean shit about skill. every noob can take forthes route and make it step by step with saves until he nail it even if it will take him hours, so thats the reason main missions were never my target for speedrunning.


The chance is about 30 percent that you can make the last shot to kill Maya on the ground floor without being spoted.