Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Yeah…I would never do anything like that…yeah…


haha, well, thats not much fun…i can totally agree why you say youre done with it. i dont enjoy it either, i rather play a good contract and work my way out and pay for my fuck ups.


I have started restarting rather than loading saves now though it takes about the same time anyway to just start from scratch if you are killing them all from the house.


to kill them all from the house is slower, and the RNG in forthes route is MUCH crazier. when he was still optimizing it i advised him to juggle the propane and FE, so he can blow both maya and sean right away with no waiting, but probably he tested it and figured that just running to the closer propane instead to the FE will be enough of a time saver. i think that shaved around 10 seconds from his route before which is alot, but the shot on the hay bale while maya panics is very RNG based.


Even if it is a contract,randomness exists.And the chance you get SA rate is not 100 percent. It is just the reloading times differ.


i dont say things cant go wrong, i just say i would like to be FORCED to not be able to save, to actually have fun. not to feel like i “compete” but im sure that my competitors cheated, because saving is allowed.


Let me know if you stream your attempts.


worst part is the guard who goes downstairs. all the rest is fine. crouch for the mask and no problemo. 1:42


i will probably stream tonight, not sure if ill attempt it tho, its boring me :stuck_out_tongue:


You did freedom fighters SA in 01.42??


Maybe you get me wrong,when i say reload,i mean restart ,not to load from saves.


Why does it matter if saves are allowed, every speedrun I’ve watched started from the beginning of the level? Anyway, I’m always amazed how you people figure these things out, half the time I have to rewatch it 5 times just who understand what the heck is going on. :smiley:


i know you ment restart, it doesnt matter. if people can save, i must be stupid to try and compete wihtout saving, on a route which is not even mine and have tons of RNG. unless im coming with a new route, or making a video, i have NO reason not to save. thats why i play main missions ONLY for challanges, than i just start playing contracts. when you give people option to cheese, they will take it. i would like to not have the option, and to know that if someone beat me, atleast he did it legit too because he had no other way to work around it (stealing a route and save scumming)


Like @mendietinha says, “Video or it didn’t happen!”; unless, of course, they’re well known Hitman legends who normally produce videos, but just didn’t do one for that particular run. However, like many others, the main reason I tend to publish videos for all of my best runs on every mission/contract is because I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Hitman community and all the good camaraderie: sharing experiences, methods, and encouraging each other. If you’re lurking and haven’t yet taken the step into the world of publishing your runs on YouTube then I’d really recommend it. It adds so much more to the enjoyability of the Hitman experience.


no, but thats the potential time for it. maybe 1 sec faster. not sure.


Yeah I like watching speed runs but I don’t have the patience to watch videos that are like 20/25 minutes long of peoples role play runs :grin:.


thats true, i really like to stream tho, where people can really see the skill and creativity of live play, where your hitman knowledge actually make you improvise (dont get me wrong, i do fail alot and in some days i even rage on the mic lol) the initial run masks all the hard work, fails and trail and error behind it. videos are cool, but i dont like to post videos of featured content or something that tons of people post already (for example i published my “Professional Sniper” run, just because i couldnt find any when i was searching to see how others have done it. i would even rather publish random contracts, which makes a certain mechanic shine and people can learn from it, than giving them a route they can imitiate but they still wont have the knowledge to recreate. i want people to learn not imitiate. when someone who isnt a hitman veteran watch a speedrun, he only figured 50% at most, of what the runner is doing and why. thats not ideal for learning.



The Videl Cataclysm Lv. 5 SA (0:51)


The Videl Cataclysm Lv. 5 SA (0:50) (By FortheSeven)