Hitman 2016 Speedruns


really what happend to forthe? was he banned for all the lancer nerf bullshit? atlest i hear from him often enough, altough its a big miss for the forum :confused:


Yeah he was banned from the forum until November I think.


Waiter Hater SA (0:44) (My Contract)

Uploaded this for the new trick to insta-kill with poison huehueheuheuhe (to do it bump > poison)


Those who say #freefortheseven all the time should get banned too.

Piss off HitmanForum in one sentence

@fkgfw hi mate. Saw you in couple of my created contract leaderboards. Nice to see you here too.


FucK GreatFireWall


How did you saw what I edited out? :astonished:
I got flagged for that.


Saw it last night,I was just about to sleep.


The Videl Cataclysm SA (Level 5) - 45s


The Path of Destruction SA (0:47) by FortheSeven


Chandeliers of Death SA (1:21) by FortheSeven



An awesome kill by @640509_0401_47 (who doesn’t even play anymore) was patched for no reason, other than the obvious … IO prioritizes patching “exploits” over actual bugs.

Shame. Before the summer bonus, I had never enjoyed a single player game more than this one. I have a shit load of playing time to say the least. About as much as my all time favorite Cod4 … which came out in 2007. Hitman is still somewhat enjoyable so I’ll still play. But wtf? What kind of developer wants to kill fun? Pistol Distractions, Lancer nerfing to no wallbangs (which was possible in Blood Money), changing the AI suspicion to “improve” AI when I believe it has done nothing more than make it way worse e.g. AI knowing your location in ‘search mode’, AI seeing through walls, AI staring at you for 10+ seconds for doing parkour, AI killing you for tresspassing or being a public disturbance, patching Kottis Flying FEs, Shitty Escalations and ETs etc. etc. You can’t tell me these changes are for the benefit of the game and creates more fun. From the beginning IO preached Freedom. Freedom = more fun for everyone. I hope this game falls apart, for everyone, if it hasn’t already for lots of people.


This is one of the best examples of how many of the design choices and alike were terrible ideas.


The lancer was a glitch though. It isn’t supposed to shoot through 1000 meters of solid rock (obviously an exaggeration)


Kottis shot on the virus was the only thing you could consider a glitch. But who really cares? It wasn’t the fastest SA time, but I believe it was the fastest SA/SO time (which is not on the leaderboards of Hitman)

The lancer shooting through walls was not a glitch.
A. Guns can shoot through walls
B. Most games have guns that shoot through walls.


That’s awesome someone thought to do that with the toilet I never did, why would they patch that??


I’m not disputing if it’s cool, cuz it was, but was it right? No. that’s why it got patched.

Just like the lancer. I had super fun shooting targets through walls when I found out I could do that, but was I in favour for them to fix it? Yes. Cuz it’s right to work as intended. But I do hope they bring a wall piercing gun to the game. The one thing I liked about BM was that you can buy wall piercing bullets and that’s how I took out target in crows mission.


The original purpose wasn’t to pierce walls. Trust me I’m upset because I liked wallbanging but it was a glitch. There’s no argueing that.


super glitch that hitman twitter even featured kotti´s wallbangs. promoting the game with that… yeah. a glitch.