Hitman 2016 Speedruns


awwwww man, they even patched the fucking toilet? Jesus christ is like they just look at things that are fun and mess the hell with them. Fix annoying bugs? Nah fam, those stay in.

RIP one of my favorite kills :frowning:


this is my revenge for the slow, unclear briefed ET:

2 duckies! duckie ftw!


Very sad I never got to try that kill :sob:.


Shit that’s so cool. Why would they patch that?


Because it’s what they do systematically patch every shred of fun from the game each update and replace it with more bugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:.


Yeah it’s starting to seem that way.


Club 27 SA/SO (2:03)


I tried back to game last time, but when I see how it’s still standing and some things even get worse… Of course half year after premiere we still haven’t briefcase.


Why did you quit and delete all your videos? You’re an amazing player.

It probably was a good choice though, this game is not nearly as fun anymore


I delete videos because they still change some things (like for example toilet kill) and a lot of my techniqes don’t work in new patches. I was also little frustrated then for various reasons.

About my last gameplay (ET) - I tracking my target 5 min, then I said fuck it and hit him using “Dr. Pepp” - game over and end of this amazing experience.


Which ET? The Fixer?

And do you plan to ever make Hitman videos again?


Yes the fixer. Maybe I’ll back sometime.
Now I’m waiting for Hokkaido and WA2000 - it can be interesting mission.


i got it! everybody got rekt! but the cheater :slight_smile:


45? So slow, you disgust me


im sorry. i will grab some 43 or 42 next time.


Real pros get 33 SA


i will do my best. i promisse.


Feature Contract : A bullet of peace and a joint to share 3:17


This one sure beats @Fortheseven.