Hitman 2016 Speedruns


The Identity Thief SA (0:43) by FortheSeven


this run is dedicated to @cjgarof


Video, or it didn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding. Great job, @mendietinha.


i was trying to record it. it was on a secondary twitch account. that didnt had the box for save the vids checked :frowning: so now i will record it with good quality, but i may have a 42 coming, instead of a 43. lets see :wink:


A new way to let Dalia go downstairs.


She tries to go to the other side of the railing? That’s cool.


In true Toni P style, this might actually be the opposite of a speedrun for the Fixer ET 11.
But it is probably the shortest vid you’ll see regarding this ET :slight_smile:


my friends, this is the fastest SA run for paris ever. its dedicated to my friend @cjgarof.


I thought I had SA and beat @Fortheseven with this run, but I guess I messed up with the duckie.
Video obviously is weird as usual, but I hope it’ll make some of you laugh.


The Sokoloff Sophistication SA (Level 5) [1:40]


A little challenge run I did. Loud shotgun for both targets, suit only


Clear The Kitchen SA (2:00) [Featured Contract]


Alex upload here Blood Money runs so I put my first speedrun from Codename 47.


I finally got no.1 on the Mercenary :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That makes 5 of the available 6 now hehe. Looking forward to tomorrow!


My run from the best mission in Codename 47!




Jesus man. That was fast.


We’re all in Asia today! :grinning:


I didn’t even tried Colorado, now I’m working on Bangkok.
BTW I have more fun playing older parts of HITMAN.