Hitman 2016 Speedruns



just like a cheater.


the most obvious one. not like a cheater. like a novice. give it time. i will find a sub 1 too @fkgfw :wink:


last one with this strat. moving to a sub 1.


from @fortheseven <3



im dying to see it but i dont want to spoil my ideas :wink: tomorrow i wont resist lol…


this one is for all the jaeger lancer lovers <3


After my last mistake (I thought that have WR in Lee Hong Assassination, but it turned out that record was 1.26), I beat this mission again.
Now for sure world record - 1.24!


There are several similarities among Paris,Sapienza and this one I think


How did you get SA? what did you shoot when you shot at soders? I’m guessing the equipment rather than him. I can’t believe how fast you did it very nice.


thanks to the auto save, i gave up to grab a 55 with my strat. i hope its not the same as @fkgfw… i will watch the vid after the et.


use duckie at the beginning,it may save 2 seconds.


i was trying, but for now i will let this like that. auto save drives me crazy lol.

this is my 31 strat for the et:
sadly one of the 2 didnt die by accident :frowning:


a cable car accident.


Pistol Punisher - Colorado SA (43s) [Featured Contract]


Situs Inversus SA (49s)


Just 2 less seconds to achieve true perfection, @GuLe!


I’m back with old, good Codename 47 and classic Traditions of the Trade!


That was amazing! I think that C:47 was a bit more action-oriented than stealth.