Hitman 2016 Speedruns


You’re right but I still love this game. So many climatic missions, and interesting ideas…


It was Sandbox in its essence… You Could go Full SA if you want in any of the missions, Including, “Say Hello to my Little Friend”


Exactly! You won’t believe guys but I love Codename 47 more than Silent Assassin and Contracts. :smile:


I Believe you because i feel the same, well There is a tie between Contracts and C:47.
However C:47 and Contracts are da best in my books.

  • All main story missions (from Paris to Hokkaido)
  • Silent Assassin
  • No mastery unlockables, including starting locations, equipment and in Hokkaido, item slots
  • No fire extinguishers, propane tanks, lethal syringes, or the pale duck


Ah, nice! I do have some suggestions to make it faster- but I won’t bother you unless you’re interested in hearing them


Sarajevo 6 #6 in 1:54 Silent Assassin


All Main missions SA by TheKotti in 27:58

was a fun watch, can’t wait to see more.

Edit: I’m an idiot, TheKotti posted literally right above me.



GGWP :slight_smile:
(times 202020)


I don’t plan on improving this right away but I’m open for suggestions.



I beat my score in Traditions of the Trade.


You said you were not too happy with your Sapienza route, so I made a video and left the suggestions in the description.

Post there in the comments so as to not spam this thread


Hitman Hokkaido Ninja Assassin Assault Rifle SA 2:18



I beat my previous WR in Plutonium Runs Loose!


The Meiko Incarnation Lv. 5 SA (2:10)




My first full game speedrun - Codename 47 World Record (33:17)