Hitman 2016 Speedruns





36 seconds to complete the latest Elusive Target in true Toni P style :slight_smile:



Is anybody keeping track of the WR for individual missions in the latest game? Not only would it be helpful to know which scores are confirmed to be legit, but also Suit Only records


Here you go


Nice. Thanks!

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i miss posting on this topic. hope to get well soon to do some runs.


Club 27 in 1:14 - big thanks to @cjgarof for the ducky advice and for checking out my stream

also credit to @Kotti for the Jordan headshot


Love it!

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I think “no FE/PT” should be a “formal” category - as it’s already used as a requirement for the full game runs.


I have a stupid strat that gives you 1:13

Shoot here:

Shoot there:


Club 27 got boring after Lancer nerf huehueheuheue.


Whatever, the word for “got weaker” that makes you happier.


nah, nerfed is the correct word.

If it actually got fixed it wouldn’t be the pile of uselessness it is right now.


The Caden Composition SA (Level 5) [1:57]



Not the fastest run on The Icon but I found this to be a pretty cool and easy way of completing The Icon. I haven’t seen this approach before so sorry if I claim to be “first”.


Not the first, but it’s always cool!


Ahh I had a feeling it was to easy :slight_smile:


And still cool :sunglasses: