Hitman 2016 Speedruns



Mine was the first. :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s the SA/SO version, if you’re interested…


I’d been wanting to do an SA/SO push-only run in Sapienza for a long time, but just now got around to it.


Usually your stuff is just cheese and exploits but Every once in awhile, you come up with a speedrun that’s total badass. This is one of those times. :+1::+1:


Thank you! :laughing:


Faster and cooler as well :blush:


One more for tonight. Going back to old escalations I never bothered to finish, or even start, haha. Here’s The Kerner Disquiet in 1:50…


My second try, but I’m still not satisfied so I will try again soon.


HITMAN Speedrun - 15:17 (8:39 in-game time) [Main Missions, Silent Assassin, No KO]


Bearutifully Master Crafted, @GuLe.


Gule’s masterful contract. Really fun :smile:


My own contract best score. A few seconds can be shaved with luck and tight gameplay. Not sure if another, quicker route exists but I am intrigued if it’s possible.



Angel of Death with Silverballer in 0:48 (SA/SO)


I’m not good at aiming,so it could be faster I think.


SA/SO fiber wire in 0:52


You beat my top score! the only contract where i was at No.1 :weary:


i tried


Loved the text guide/commentary, man. Keep it up.


SA/SO of Hokkaido in 1:17

After watching a few other runs seem I basically done the exact same route as @mendietinha , oh well :stuck_out_tongue: