Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Redid the run with the same time but now using a different route, just so it isn’t as redundant


Mendietinha helped me out with this one. Sadly the way that security camera works now after getting patched screws up a bit. Trying to get it down to 40s, but 39 might be impossible.


Freedom Fighters SA (1:35)



I know most people aren’t interested in the Sarajevo Six, but, I came up with some new routes for the Director and the Veteran because my ideas with the fire extinguisher were exhausted and my times got rekt.

Poison for the Director (62s) (best time with FE was 68s, starting in the attic)

Coconut for the Veteran (30s) originally thought this kill was impossible so quite proud of it (best time with FE was 33s, starting as the chef)

Edit: and the Mercenary :slight_smile:

Truck Explosion (32s) (best time with FE was 37s, starting as the explosive specialist)





Holiday Hoarders with Silverballer in 0:54 (SA/SO)


So gunshot distractions are working again?



I mean, they sort of work if you’re lucky. In this case, they usually just panic everyone rather than distract, but there’s a small box in which they do distract. Usually when I shot near the guy downstairs he panicked, which worked for this, too.


4 different speedrun challenges to beat the Holiday Hoarders mission.



i did a real shit job with this run.

this is @scm97tl’s contract. SA, SO, No KOs, and you may only kill the targets with your bear hands.


back to this topic. feels good.


a featured contract from paris:
congressdude SA 2:05


Dangerously Fashionable