Hitman 2016 Speedruns



Thought I’d post this here too. This is a breakdown of mendie’s world record run for Showstopper. I want to do a series of videos, but will probably wait until pro mode now before doing more!


Nice explanation.

So, you’re sort of like the Masked Magician.


Now that you mention it, I used to love those FOX specials as a kid!


My run of the Elusive Target 19, the black mailer SA in 42 Seconds.
Don’t take my ‘‘acting’’ or claims too serious, I just make videos for the fun of it :slight_smile:


And yet still not like worthy? damn


I’m just happy he watched it.

And you too! :slight_smile:


Landslide SA/SO 1:19


Landslide Any% - 0:27 As fast as it gets for Any% I think.


Landslide SA/SO





SA/SO in Landslide in 30 seconds. Credit for the strat goes to @fkgfw . I was using a similar strat already but the trick of dropping the duck first to prevent crime noticed when dropping the mine saved me quite a few seconds :slight_smile:


Landslide SA 1:25

The Farley Crescendo level 5 SA 1:23


Probably not classed as a speed run but heres my Professional SA run through on Showstopper on the Xbox One. Managed to get 6th on the leaderboard on a previous unrecorded run using the same execution with a different route, not sure how much longer that will stand lol.


Haven’t had a chance to play pro mode yet, but I’ve seen that some top runners aren’t big fans. Is it possible then that normal mode would actually remain the preferred difficulty for runs due to creativity and freedom allowed? It sounds like pro mode made viable routes arbitrarily difficult. I’ve also seen concerns that what this really does is turn this into a linear game, where your approach is just that limited.


From what I have heard from other players and experienced myself of Pro mode, it seems arbitrarily and artificially difficult like you mentioned.

Some of the included “difficulty” options make you think “really?” and often make no sense.

Things like:

Then there’s the whole challenges aspect where it seems IO haven’t really put much thought into it, and just used the normal difficultly challenges on the professional difficulty which leaves you thinking, do I really want to do the same thing again just for some unlocks?

IMO I think the Professional difficulty idea was good in theory, it’s just executed poorly. I’m looking forward to some work being put into it, because in it’s current state I find it hard to justify replaying everything again.


Finally…done with Hokkaido


Hokkaido normal mode - SA/SO


Love the season finale mission!


Showstopper Pro SA in 1:28