Hitman 2016 Speedruns


I know we disagreed about pro difficulty but I’m glad you’re still doing your thing. I won’t watch them until I’ve done SA SO on all the maps but I’m liking them as I go to watch afterwards. Creative people get more creative when they are squeezed. Cheers.


Thank you sir. I was on the verge of giving up because the game kept screwing me over


Nah, objects like those don’t phisically affect people that are alive. It would just bounce off them of it hit.


Not on PRO but I have two videos of the Showstopper w/out mini map and instinct. First one is the Safe Room Explosion and the second is the Watch Your Step challenge. It’s pretty much the exact same video twice though which is why there’s only a second difference in time…

Safe Room Explosion (2:42)

Watch Your Step (2:43)


Just beat the record for SA/SO in Gilded Cage


Speedrun of a user contract that was on /r/hitman the other day.



Jesus Christ, mate. I had my ass clenched for that whole run. Must have nearly shit yourself in the security room running past that desk.


“Cock, 47.”




Glad you enjoyed it buddy





This is what I don’t understand about all the negativity about pro mode. Everyone says that it limits creativity, but this run totally contradicts that. I’m sure you would have never thought about this route if pro wasn’t out because that was the best run I’ve seen for Bangkok.

Good job!!


Limiting creativity is not my gripe with pro mode though, its other stuff.

Thanks bro



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Holiday Hoarders 55s SA


Here’s one of my first speedrun, on normal mode : Hokkaido SA in 49 sec, I hope you’ll enjoy it.