Hitman 2016 Speedruns


speedruns of some contracts :grimacing:

have a good one !!!


My last run on Bangkok, professional difficulty, inspired by GuLe. I hope you’ll enjoy it :blush:


How do you get that neither guard reacts to that camera shot at the end? I’ve tried that 100 times and every single time a guard reacts there.


I close the door before shooting the camera, and I stay close to left wall. Moreover, if you come too late, one of the guard will leave his friend and then can see your shot.


In your video, you’re still right in the middle. You didn’t move over to the left wall. Plus, I tried that and still doesn’t work. Closed door, open door, left wall, right wall, middle, crouching, standing, doesn’t matter. Guard always gets question mark over his head. I believe it may be a bug.

You are so lucky that it works for you there because if it doesn’t, you can’t get that legshot exit. Haa!!!


You’re right. Did you try to shoot the camera directly after the first door ?
The problem with the exit part with me is that I got sometimes caught by one of the guard when I shot his friend, that’s why I went next to the left wall.


soon sub 50 :slight_smile:


Here’s a professional difficulty run on Hokkaido, SA in 50 seconds. The GuLe’s route is still available in pro, you just have to avoid a camera in the corridor by getting close to a wall :relaxed:


@Sphynge It’s me there in the 7th place on the leaterboards :wink:


Sorry for the rank down :yum:


@Sphynge No problem, the rankk down makes me look for a new strat lol :wink:




Elusive Target SA/SO speedrun in 2:02


With a pixel shot at the end :sweat_smile:


Situs Inversus Pro/SA 49s


Ridiculous… good ridiculous


Hitman2016 Episode5 Colorado Pro/SA/SO/AO 3’31

No one has posted a Colorado SA/SO speedrun in Pro yet,guess i am the first.


One of BernardoOne´s Contracts Drown your Sorrows


From the ps4 elusive contracts thread.

My speedrun of ‘Luigi Murder’ w/new AXE WALLBANG lololololol