Hitman 2016 Speedruns


Frolsa84 Absolution playlist…

Prenatual Absolution playlist…


Awesome. Thanks!!

20 something something.



Ha, that’s a nice run.

Didn’t know you could do Joe Clarence like that.


Prenatual got me into speedrunning. It’s because of him that I started a purist/suit/evidence run of Absolution. Had to stop because the 360 RRD unfortunately but i’ve recently got it on XB1 so i’ll have to see if I can complete it!


What is AO?





Since that mission doesn’t have a ratings screen…specifically, it means there are all zeroes in the ratings aside from the accidents column, so it also means no shots fired or anything. :thumbsup:

Same here! I started out with Hitman playing Absolution in that style, just wanting to see if I could pull off some of his stuff, then I found guys like cjgarof to learn from, and now I’m here. :smiley:


Finally my Pro SA run of World of Tomorrow, Suit Only and Fiber Kills, tried my best/quickest, enjoy!


Found this while messing around this afternoon, never expected it to work :wink:


It is not really a speedrun but here is my marathon video (all missions in SA/SO, no restart).

These strats are not the fastest, but they are solid, I needed as much consistency possible to be able to pull this off.


My PRO/SA/SO speedrun of bangkok using @fkgfw’s strat ;):


Moral Fiber-Wire Featured Contract (4:27)


Random Paris run on v1.2.2.


I’m continuing my Pro SASO Fiber Wire Run of Hitman :slight_smile:
Full credit to @Euler13 and @Hardware for the idea :+1:


let me just put this xXxRNGMasterxXx here:


I went back to some older featured contracts to do some rekkys
Dangerously Fashionable - SA - 2:21


HITMAN - The Otaktay Obliteration - Level 5 - SA (1:30) :slight_smile:


this is a flying fire extinguisher wallbang double kill run>


Now do Bangkok, Jordan and Morgan, when they meet and converse upstairs by the balcony.