Hitman 2016 Speedruns


its on schedule :wink:



STICKY Fire Extingguisher WALLBANG!! The Paparazzo SA 00:29
My fire extingguisher won’t fly, well…I just stick the damn thing:grin:


World of Tomorrow SA (1:08)

RIP Kiniu huehuehuehue

Credits to @WRP_Beater for the roof trick and to @BernardoOne who saw the rekky potential!


World of Tomorrow Pro/SA (1:18)

RIP Kiniu hueheuheuheu, this one can be faster but I don’t really care about pro mode, just wanted to teabag the cheater again huehueheuheuh.


Hell Yeah!!! The legit players are the rekkiest!!! And the leaderboards took long too show up because kiniu hacked the game, he didn’t wanted the world to know he got rekt lol :wink:


The Andersen Animosity Level 5 - 3:44


Here’s my PRO/SA/SO/AO run of A Vintage Year:


Since I hadn’t seen anyone take a route this direct into the Sapienza mansion, I figured I’d give it a try since I just unlocked the Santa suit last night. Was really f**king hard. :joy:


It was one of the best hitman videos ever, good job m8 :wink:


I like how the butler is cool, like, “Don’t worry Santa, I got yo back man…”


Santa doesn’t use the chimney anymore, he comes right in the fricken front door. Ahaha.

Nice!! That was total badass.


Here are some links to featured Speedruns from my channel, I had fun putting these together and I’m proud with the times I’ve been able to achieve. :sunglasses:


i did this earlier>


This is not a Drill 2:54


All bonus missions in one go speedrun. All Silent Assassin - Suit Only:

The Icon:


HITMAN Friskless Zone SA 1:51

HITMAN Cellar Inspection 1:10 SA


anyone want to try my SA/SO marathon challenge ? :smile:


Í might beat your time :wink:


Can’t wait to see this m8 :slight_smile: With these strats and without my fail in bangkok, the final time could be 39 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely amazing ! :laughing: