Hitman 2016 Speedruns



I Become You Community Contract 3:36 SA


Here’s my run of Landslide using Roulette:




Not sure where i should have posted this, but i guess this works.
I made a part 2 of a speedrun guide, which some of you seem to have enjoyed.

@Euler13 @Ed_ll3 @D1NGdong @mendietinha @Nakar @Bending_Cheese67 etc etc


Just wanted to see if I could use the main entrance and go up the stairs to release the chandelier winch and kill Viktor SA/SO.


I’ve always wondered how you guys detonate bombs so damn fast. Gotta try this. Thx for making that, you’ll see a lot of ppl will benefit from it just like pt1 did.

But the best part of the post was that you thought about me before @mendietinha :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy::joy:

And happy cake day 1yr anniversary. :call_me_hand:


You needed it more huehuehue



That was amazing!!! Btw how did you added that thing in the right of the screen??




Thanks, i already installed it, but i can’t use it as a overlay to the game tho.


Huh how did Delahunt die? By explosion?

EDIT: nvm I was blind




Thanks :wink: 202020202020


@Kotti Thanks for helping me with the overlays :wink: Hope you enjoy what I did with it ;):


This is the fastest strat to push The Veteran.
Time can still be cleaned up. But meh, wanted to walk beside the corpse. Lol.


Elusive Target: The Paparazzo 1:03 SA/SO