HITMAN [Advanced] - 10 remixed story contracts


Hi guys,

I’ve found myself replaying the original story missions over and over, so I decided to create a suit of contracts that takes the original objectives from the 10 story missions and adds to them, for a bit more of a challenge. I thought I’d share them here for people to have a stab at! It should kill a long weekend :wink:

In each mission you have to eliminate the original targets, with extra objectives. I tried to make them progressively more challenging as you go through the game. For the most part, the contracts are suit only, unless the targets are prohibitively difficult as suit only.

These are all on PS4 and took quite a while to make. I tried to write mission briefings that built on the original briefings in a smart way; some expand upon the original briefings, while others suggest alternate realities and storylines.

Each target was carefully thought out in terms of story, difficulty and accessibility.

Full briefings:

Prologue [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-01-1802460-49


This is an advanced configuration of your Cuban training mission. In addition to eliminating Jasper Knight, you are to kill KGB officer Cilas Netzke and three senior jet-plane engineers located on the base.

Complicating matters, you will need to assassinate Knight with an unsuppressed firearm and conduct the entire mission without using disguises.

For extra points, retrieve the vodka bottle and projector slides.

Well, you were complaining that standard training was too easy…


Showstopper [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-02-0755960-49


Your target is FSB senior agent Max Decker, and four members of the shadowy spy agency IAGO: heads Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov, and supermodels Helmut Kruger and Madison Lang.

All five are in Paris and attending the Sanguine fall fashion show.

Good luck,


World of Tomorrow [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-03-7702702-49


We are contracting you to eliminate the heads of Ether’s R&D team: head scientist Silvio Caruso, and his senior staff, Pineli, de Santis and Buccho. The latter is carrying a USB stick that you must retrieve.

In addition, we have learnt that Sal Falcone, a private detective who has been on your trail since the Paris opera incident, is also in town. Eliminate him.

Finally, there are two prototype assassination viruses on site. Destroy one and retrieve the other.

In bocca al lupo,


A Gilded Cage [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-06-4440604-49


You are to murder corrupt banker Claus Hugo Strandberg, who is currently seeking asylum at the Swedish embassy in Marrakesh, and Erik Olander, the head of the embassy. We also need you to tie up a loose end: the embassy’s embittered former head of security, Hilda Berg, who is now of no further use to us.

Finally, we need you to kill General Reza Zaydan and his second-in-command, Masruq Almasi, for classified reasons.

Good luck,


Club 27 [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-08-5844929-49


The family of late actress Hannah Highmoore has hired you for a revenge contract. You are to take out her killer, rock star Jordan Cross, along with his lawyer and manager, who helped him cover up the murder, as well as a Bangkok hotel manager, who is a known Cross associate.

Additionally, we have an existing contract for drummer Abel de Silva, placed on him by former band the Flat Earth Society.

Optional objective: retrieve Dexy Barat’s incriminating USB stick.

Good luck,


Freedom Fighters [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-09-3083512-49


You are to infiltrate a terrorist training camp in Colorado, America, and retire five HVTs: Camp leader Sean Rose, head of I.T. Luke Poole, strategist Penelope Graves, interrogator Ezra Berg, and training director Maya Parvati.

We also need you to retrieve the blueprints for an explosive wristwatch designed by Rose, and an experimental hallucinogen believed to be in Berg’s possession.

Good luck, agent.


Situs Inversus [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-10-0805258-49


You are to eliminate Providence agent Yuki Yamasaki, along with the three senior-most figures at the GAMA medical facility, who are operating on former ICA training director Erich Soders. Their deaths should ensure his.

We have also learned that Amos Dexter, the brother of your nemesis Blake Dexter, is staying at the clinic. Tie up that loose end.

Optional objectives:
*Shut down the A.I. system KAI
*Free agent Carlton Smith
*Kill Erich Soders directly

Good luck,


The Icon [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-05-2436664-49


Two contracts have arrived in the town of Sapienza, Italy.

A Hollywood studio wishes to sabotage its rival’s forthcoming summer tent-pole, The Icon. To this extent, you are to eliminate star Dino Bosco and his agent, Sophia Wilde.

The second contract comes from heiress Gia Sagese and targets her three inept brothers, Baldassarre, Camillo and Giovani Sagese. They are working on the movie as DOP, SFX Supervisor and Sound Recordist, respectively.

Best of luck, agent.


A House Built on Sand [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-07-5252100-49


French intelligence contractor Matthieu Mendola has gone rogue, stealing a database of valuable satellite data. He is in Marrakesh and intends to sell it to either Chinese MSS agent Kong Tuo-Kwang, who is hosting a party at the shisha cafe, or Algerian DRS agent Akil Ghazi Maroun, who is posing as an electrician.

Eliminate all three and retrieve the database.

Two additional low-level contracts: Thuggish loan shark Nimr’Arif Bahar, and an unfaithful husband named Sebastian Krogh.


Landslide [Advanced]

Contract ID: 2-04-2639341-49


Our client, Silvio Caruso, has ordered a five-man hit. Your targets, in order of priority, are:

  • Dr. Docciaborsa, a specialist who has arrived in town to treat Caruso’s sick mother. To be eliminated at all costs.
  • Marco Abiatti, a childhood bully, and his right-hand man Roberto Mulo.
  • Salvatore Bravuomo, a lawyer who recently parted ways with Ether.
  • and, ahem, Baldassarre Arcuri, a kitchen-hand who Caruso says “butchered” his mother’s ragu recipe.

I shall leave you to prepare.


Comments and considerations welcome! @Torbjorn_IOI @IOI @Lasse_IOI @Travis_IOI - as there are, co-incidentally, 10 missions, perhaps you’d consider making this a sort of challenge pack or special suite of featured contracts?

Enjoy and have fun,


Hitmanforum member contracts

Back when Landslide first came out, Travis released a set of Featured Contracts that was themed to have one contract per mission. (Well, he advertised that he’d do this, but then messed up and doubled up on one.)

That made me think: oh neat, themed sets of Featured Contracts. And I tried to think of other themed sets that would still allow for there to be lots of variety of good contracts.

I could only come up with two. First, there could be a cook-themed set: all contracts would have you either killing or dressing up as a chef or kitchen assistant. There are cooks in every mission and they’re everywhere, so the contracts wouldn’t be too restrictive or samey.

The second themed set I thought of was, like you suggest, advanced versions of the story missions. In your contracts you added extra targets, but I envisioned all contracts having exactly same targets as story missions. There’d just be light added weapon and/or outfit restrictions. There have been a few Featured Contracts like that before (e.g. The Caravella Conundrum), and I’ve seen some contracts with this structure capture speed competition here (e.g. there was contract that had you kill Silvio and Francesca while dressed in the hazmat suit that captured some speed play). I think there could be a great themed set of featured contracts with this structure, but you’d probably have to build it from scratch to make sure there was enough variety and the contracts weren’t too restrictive.


Nice one man,I will surely play them


These are awesome! What system are they for?


These are for PS4, but if anyone wants to recreate them for Xbox or PC, feel free!


Good to hear they’re in PS4. Hopefully I’ll remember to play these when my schedule clears up a bit. Thanks!


Hi @JetBlackIris!

Just to let you know, HMF already has a thread for posting contracts.

While I understand your contracts are advanced versions of the hitman levels, they’re still contracts and belong here.

On your response, I’ll move the thread to purgatory. These are some really good contracts though!

@Watson @Kent @Jarbinger


These look great @JetBlackIris. Do you want me to recreate them for Xbox? Evil Within 2 should be arriving today, so not sure I’ll get time to play them, but they’ll at least be there for others if they want to give them a try.


I’m gonna put this back to Hitman (2016), if the mods want to merge this they can do so.


Nice contracts m8. 


Nice one, like the idea of doing these extended story missions.


Thanks for doing so, that’s really appreciated!

Here they are for Xbox, courtesy of @Ed_ll3:

Hitman: Prologue [Advanced] – 3-01-4725312-88
Hitman: Showstopper [Advanced] – 3-02-4071607-88
Hitman: World of Tomorrow [Advanced] – 3-03-5428755-88
Hitman: A Gilded Cage [Advanced] – 3-06-1626503-88
Hitman: Club 27 [Advanced] – 3-08-1633539-88
Hitman: Freedom Fighters [Advanced] – 3-09-9824760-88
Hitman: Situs Inversus [Advanced] – 3-10-2707166-88
Hitman: The Icon [Advanced] – 3-05-2237021-88
Hitman: A House Built on Sand [Advanced] – 3-07-7867747-88
Hitman: Landslide [Advanced] – 3-04-7794000-88


This is an awesome idea and I like the execution. :+1:

Ha! I forgot about that.


Ahh, thanks Travis!

I must say, when I bought Hitman last May I never thought I’d still be playing it a year and a half later…


Here is Freedom Fighters [Advanced], the only one I haven’t seen anyone else do yet.

FYI, I have achieved SA on all contracts, so they are definitely doable!


Did World of Tomorrow and a Gilded Cage yesterday, i’m on rank 2 on both :slight_smile:

Awesome Contracts, they are so much fun!


Ah, thanks so much, appreciated!


The Icon [Advanced] SA/SO
Awesome contract series @JetBlackIris


Thanks for revisiting it!

I made these just before they changed contracts mode - I wonder if they would have been better or worse if I’d added complications beyond suit only (IE no disguise changes, forced exit, etc)?


Thank you. I will try the others too, great series!

I´m glad you created them before the Update.
Defently complications make it more worse. I personally don´t like the complications exepting the “No Disguise Change” to make sure it is a REAL SA/SO or for a nice puzzle to solve (Like your Ninja Contract, easy targets but hard exit).
Explicit exit is just cool when named in the briefing. Otherwise you have to kill all targets just to see where your exit is.
The most worse complication is that insta-fail. I refuse to play contracts with that condition cause you have no space to test stuff and it takes double of the time to acchieve SA.

So it´s perfect like it is! More space for creative solutions.