Hitman Fan Art


Here’s an Absolution piece I did a few years back. It was for fun, not a commission or anything to do with my professional portfolio.


I made this WoodPic.


Bummer that we won’t get the game this year, but here’s some fan art:(

Really dig that style man. Would love seeing some more takes on Hitman with that approach, looks fun.


Amazing stuff. Do you have an account anywhere to post your art?


I have my old stuff on devinart and recently made an artstation account with one artwork :smile: but haven’t updated those in quite some time.


Damn Silviu, how old are you? You should really consider working with games or with movies with those skills.


Thanks man! I’m 23, I’ve been working as a concept artist/illustrator on some independent projects for almost two years now, but no major companies or anything like that, at least for now, I still have to work on my skills to get to that.


I’ve really got to get myself a wacom with a screen.


Better just buy a simple wacom tablet, cintiqs are damn expensive.


Already have myself a Wacom Pro, but I can draw better with a touchscreen/ non digital

That awkward feeling of having to look at a screen instead of where you’re drawing is real fam.


Well, I’ve been painting on a simple tablet for almost 7 years, never tried a cintiq though so I don’t know the feel of that. Anyway, don’t rely on tools too much, they’re just that, tools.


I’ve got a Wacom Cintiq 12WX, and I’d call it more than just a “tool”. It allows you to draw directly on the screen, so you don’t have the issue of drawing at one space, but looking up at the monitor to see what’s happening which is an issue with a tablet. It’s like the monitor is the paper, which makes a huge difference. The stylus is super nice too, feels great.


Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I guess it’s mush easier to make the transition from pen and paper to digital by using a cintiq. I remember it took me almost a week to get used to drawing while looking at the monitor, but I got over it and now I’m not even thinking about it.


Human race is just badass like this.


Yeah, I just spent the extra money so I didn’t have to deal with a learning curve. I work professionally, so that just turned $1000 profit into business expense instead, not a big deal. I’ve not worked with Square Enix, so I don’t have any professional work to show for them, but I should do another fan art piece of Hitman. Some of my earlier pieces was more of a minimalist style, and without lines as such as, but I’ve since changed, in recent years.


Here’s what I mean…

older style…

Newer style…


this is super man :slight_smile: Great! Awsome ! Love it


Send your CV to IOI. That’s 47 we need.


You are awesome! I have one little criticism though, 47’s skin should be more smooth because he looks a litle bit like kryten http://www.comedy.co.uk/images/library/people/300/r/red_dwarf_kryten.jpg
sniper rifle is excellent


old sketchs