HITMAN getting a comic book in October


For your viewing pleasure.:roll_eyes:


Lol is that Trump in the cover


Well damn, it could very well be!


Done reading Issue 3.
47: mood swings worse than a lady on pms
6: obsessed with 47
Diana: cocky & cunning lil shit


My review of Issue #1:


So the basement in Colorado was actually his Stalker shire and the Shadow Client’s true motivation can be summed up with “Notice me Senpai”?:smirk:


Well I do get a stalker vibe from the SC when he does that love confession-like narration in the Legacy Cinematic… . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By the way 6, PLEASE. I’m pretty sure 47 can hear you crispy clear without you having to climb all over him. :expressionless:



What if 47 comes out in one of these issues. I bet that issue will be the big issue of 47 and his fans.