Hitman Wallpapers Vault


It’s pretty straight forward, this a Hitman wallpaper thread.

Here you are able to share ones you found or created yourself. Please add resolution as information

Here are some from my own wallpaper vault

My own paint wallpaper 1920x1080




“Bighandswtf.jpg” xD nice Pics, did you create some of them yourself?

PS: Are Loadingscreens back in HITMAN? like in C47-Contracts?


@Mads47 You have No Idea that I was just about to Make this Thread. A collection of Desktop wallpapers of Hitman and you beat me to it.


Yes i always thought it looked odd, like his Hands are extremely big.

Only the one where it say Paint, i made it out of the beta email picture and i did it all in paint xD…got some old ones, but can’t find them.

Well great mind thinks a like, or so they say. Just thought it would be nice to upload my wallpapers, and have a place to find new ones. Also i don’t have to storage them anymore on my HD.


<img src="/uploads/hitmanforum/original/2X/2/2e527afd2dcc24a0046393ddf9cf4c020af57a4a.jpg" width="690"eight=“431”>


I got this one which has a very high resolution (double click it and see)




Another Nice Wallpaper…


Nice, can you add resolution as well?. Makes it easier to single out the wallpapers we want :slight_smile:


You can read it below when you place your cursor on it… It is 1920 X 1080


Annnnnd save

20 whatever characters


Would anyone be so kind to post the
"Lethal Elegance" photo of 47? If they got it. I can’t seem to find a really clear one… Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:



Your desktop
Your desktop
Puzzling Hitman Contracts intro

Omg i love you! Where did you get that?! Been dying for an unedited version of this Thank You!


I cleaned it up weeks ago and posted it on reddit: https://redd.it/5ziv35


Nice job mate :thumbsup:



This thread has some good Wallpapers so i am going to link it here: