Hitman Wallpapers Vault


these are all amazing… I especially like the ICA ones


47 In the shadows, (obviously not a reference to my avatar)


Very nice Wallpaper !!! :sunglasses:


Glad you liked it. No better place to post it than here. :slight_smile:


He mean business
Nice wallpapers BTw…

Of course killing is his business


Not made by me, but using this just now.


I would just love to have a wallpaper of 47 next to some targets. Preferably Penelope Graves, but I’ll take what I got.


You mean this one?


Yes, that is the photo I’m talking about. However, I remember there being one somewhere without the logos and lettering, it was just 47 in that pose. Can’t seem to find it anywhere, but this one will do, thank you :smiley:


Didn’t know there was a text less one. Searched in google and Musterbrand but with no results.


Yeah same here. I searched everywhere but can’t find it. I know I seen one before though, I just can’t seem to find it anymore lol


I had this one saved, it’s cut off, but could probably be patched together with the one @Agent_21 posted to get a textless version


That’s the one! Excellent!!

Thank you @jackdagger :smiley:
I really appreciate it!



@AGENT4T7 I will do my best and try to clean it up and post it back. @jackdagger thanks for the image :slight_smile:

EDIT: No need to, found it!!!



That’s great, thanks a lot you guys! I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face:


just passing through…


My Wallpaper at the moment.


I’m tired of asking this, but that’s your Bull .480!
How did u get a photo of your Bull in 47’s hand if you’re either dead, knocked out or cowering behind the desk in fear??..


Thought I’d upload some of mine.

"Master Assassin"

1598x682 (Can be easily stretched to 16:9 by the “fill” option in wallpaper settings)
The Global Elite


So even the inside of the pants are red colored. Good to know